How to connect the Wi-Fi router to PC

Modern domestic service providers offer internet connection via fiber optic cable.But there is another access to the network - the wireless connection Wi-Fi.Opt for this method to connect to the Internet, people are faced with a problem: how to connect the router WiFi, to make things work.It is not always possible to deal with the technique of the first half.Therefore, this article provides tips and how to connect the device to your computer.

router - what is it

Wi-Fi- is wireless internet, which can be used with any device.The main thing - to get the router to secure amenities such communication.

router is ADSL-modem.His connection enables connection to the Internet several electronic devices: a laptop, home computer, smart phone, etc.. And combining them via Ethernet-patch cord, network drive and using wireless connections.This uses one channel, IP-address or an account.There are devices that connect the computer to the telephone jack.

router has a maximum data transfer rate - fifty-four meg

abytes per second.But domestic providers are not all support this speed.And let you figure out how to connect the router to wait a good speed on your device, the restrictions imposed by providers hinder you.

rules connect the router and wireless Wi - Fi

It is this way of connecting devices to the computer causes the most problems.Before you connect the router to your computer, you must connect the cable provider to the network card of your computer to the port of WAN.You can connect to the LAN port of the patch cord or use a connection via Wi-Fi to a router.If a port in the router, for example four, so it can be connected to multiple computers.

First of all, you need to use the administrative panel of the router, access it through the browser and adjustments WAN-connection, depending on the settings provided by your ISP.About how to connect the router instructions will tell, which is usually attached to the device.However, despite the presence of such annotations, many purchasing this useful thing, it faced difficulties connecting to wireless internet.

On the computer you need to go to the local network and its connection properties.Then, open the properties of the Internet Protocol TCP / IP, check boxes to automatically address and DNS-server.

So how to connect the router is easy, it is a matter of adjustment.That course of action for this process.The setting of the router via the Internet.To do this, open any browser should be made in the address bar the new window that appears, you must specify login and password to access the router settings.By default, both to spell a word - admin.Now, open the Settings page.But first recommended to change router firmware by downloading it from the site and change your password and login to access the settings.

to connect to the internet log in «WAN» and «Network», where the selected network type.Then, save the settings, go to the tab called «MAC Clone» and there click on the button «Clone MAC Address».

To create a Wi-Fi connection should go to the tab called «Wireless» and configure.In the field called «Wireless Network Name, add the name of the Wi-Fi network, and specify the region of residence.Do not forget to save the settings.Go to the next tab - «Wireless Security».Here it is necessary to establish parameters to ensure the security of the connection.Nebhodimo enter the password in the field «PSK Password», used to connect to the network Wi-Fi, and save it.

After you configure the router must be restarted.

By following these tips, you can make sure that the issue of how to connect the router is solved quite easily, and there is no need to consult specialists.