How to find out your sound card installed in your computer?

modern computer can not be imagined without the sound card.Although this device is not involved in the mathematical calculations performed by the CPU, however, it is set in any computing, involving interactive and multimedia.This is the reason that in recent years the question of how to find out your sound card, became interested in not only computer gurus, but also ordinary users.

In addition, a variety of installed sound card (audio adapter) directly affects the quality of sound: it is useless to connect an expensive sound system to budget the map, because the sound will still be mediocre.It is obvious that every computer owner, who appreciate good sound, should know how to define your sound card.This will help to choose the most comfortable on the characteristics of the model.

There are several ways to find out your sound card.All of them are effective and mutually reinforcing.The optimal solution is the use of the most affordable.

The easiest way to find out your sound card - is to specify its

full name the consultant at the time of purchase.It is desirable to write an answer, because the unfamiliar technical terms are quickly forgotten.

But, usually, the need to deal with the question of how to find out your sound card does not occur immediately.In this case, you should familiarize yourself with the warranty sheet: sometimes it lists components.The fact that some of the shops in the sale of a single computer provides a guarantee for the whole system unit, and the other - for each device (because the guarantee period have a different).If the list is specified audio adapter, the issue can be considered resolved.

most crucial way - opening of the housing and inspection of the sound card "live".The drawbacks to this approach, no doubt, a lot, but it has one advantage, often outweighs them all.It is 100% accurate definitions than can not boast of any software or any other ways.Of course, if the user does not know that, do you need to look and how to look soundcard (especially in the case of codecs AC97 or HDA), something about this method can be forgotten.A little advise: a wire from the speaker (amplifier) ​​is connected to the outputs of the audio adapter.The card can be separate elements which are inserted into the slot of computer bus.In this case, it is necessary to carefully examine: the PCB is required to have a label with the name.For example, Audigy 4. If we are talking about the codec chip, recently became a very popular solution, you have to seek help from a specialist.

But let us leave until such extreme measures, because there is a programmatic way, how do you know your sound card Windows 7, it is this system installed in the majority.Most simply use the operating system.To do this, right-click the properties icon call volume control, next to the clock from the taskbar.Follow in "Playback devices" and choose "Properties" from the "Speakers".On the "General" tab there is a window "Controller", which contains the name of the audio adapter.

Sometimes taskbar has the speaker icon.By clicking on it, get into the driver settings.One of the tabs - information about the device.

One of the least convenient way - is to use special programs: AIDA64 or SiSoft Sandra.The AIDA need to proceed to the "Multimedia" and select "Audio PCI / PnP».This will return all audio devices and, importantly, their exact type (code).The fact that sometimes the card with the same name have different characteristics.And to distinguish and is code word.

And finally, you can open the user manual for the motherboard of the computer and read about the installed audio adapter (suitable for embedded solutions).

Experts can determine the type of card code equipment "Run - dxdiag - Sound".