How to increase the performance of graphics cards?

There is no owner of a personal computer and now the notebook, which would not interested in how to improve graphics performance.The total performance of your computer depends on the speed of mathematical calculations by the CPU, memory bandwidth, data exchange with the hard drive and, of course, graphics performance.The question is how to increase the performance of graphics cards, is particularly acute among gamers.This is not surprising, given the fact that it depends on the speed of the video imaging.Ordinary users, who want to shoot in the evening careless monster in the new game may also be interested in the issue of this improved performance.

So, how to increase the performance of the graphics card?The most effective way - is replacing the graphics card more powerful new model.No matter what the "experts" of the hidden software configuration, allowing several times to speed up the work of video, in any case inferior to the new device.In addition, modern graphics applications to fully disclose i

ts possibilities only on new hardware components that support all of the requested function.The only problem is the high cost of the new device, which is to buy can afford not everyone.But for the owners of mobile computing, wondering how to increase the performance of the graphics card on the laptop, such substitution is often simply impossible.

second way to give new life to an old graphics card - the right to use the software.Interaction of the running application and video occurs through the operating system and drivers, and the second a greater extent.Obviously, a user who wants to understand how to maximize graphics performance is to use the most efficient driver of your video card.Currently, the most common video cards three manufacturers: NVidia, AMD (ATI) and Intel.On their website the relevant sections can always download the latest version of the driver.For this need to tell the operating system and the name of the video (eg, Radeon 5570, Intel HD 3000, etc).Typically, a new driver is made to accelerate the optimization of today's applications as well as new features.It is always recommended to use the updated driver.

next step, which allows to understand how to maximize graphics performance - is to make corrective adjustment.By clicking on the desktop right-click menu and calling, you need to proceed to the panel driver, use the corresponding link.For example, a card from AMD should launch Catalyst Control Center.

list of all available options vary depending on the manufacturer of the graphics card and driver, so we present only the most versatile, directly affecting performance.

The "vertical sync VSYNC» synchronizes screen refresh rate at a frame rate of three-dimensional applications.I put it to "Always Off." You can achieve application acceleration.The downside is the possible gaps holistic picture during the game due to a mismatch of speeds of two frequencies.Usually it is not too much (especially with the active game), so feel free to disable VSYNC.

anti-aliasing should be put in the "Multivyborku" (Multisempling) - this will worsen smoothing "ladders" in the image, but runs nearly all modern cards without sacrificing performance.

The "Quality texture filtering" is recommended to put in the "Quality".It is a compromise that implements an acceptable image and speed.

All you need to optimize the use (check).

Another way - acceleration (increase of the frequency of the memory and chip).The latest versions of the drivers the opportunity often included initially.Her only need to use.One of the most effective ways (not including change of equipment).