As the birds mate?

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class bird - it is a separate branch of progressive animal.There were they from the reptilian.Animals in this group, however, were able to adapt to the flight.

Before turning to the question of how the birds mate, consider their biology.

General characteristics Class

Advanced features of the organization are the following features.

  1. high level of development of the nervous system and, therefore, a wide variety of options for adaptive behavior.
  2. constant high body temperature, which is due to intensive metabolism.
  3. Compared to subordinate subtypes and classes of animals, birds have a better mechanism of reproduction, resulting in hatching eggs and feeding of offspring.
  4. presence of adaptive for the flight and at the same time, the ability to move around the surface of the land, and in some species - the ability to swim and move through the water surface.

The above class features allow these animals spread across the globe.

male organ

Testes - a pair of bean-shaped bodies is, which are located on top of the kidneys.They are suspended from the mesentery.The size of the testes changes during the year.During the breeding season, these bodies are increasing.For example, in Finch, for example they may increase again in 1125, and at Starling 1500 times.

to the inside of the testes attached small appendages.Vas efferens depart from them, extending parallel to the ureter and empties into the cloaca.There are species of birds, which form small vas efferens expansion - seed bubbles which serve as a kind of reservoir for sperm.

copulatory organ has not all species.Functioning penis birds is a diverticulum of the cloaca.He is present in ostriches tinamou, goose.In bustards, storks and herons copulatory organ is rudimentary.

Asked how the birds mate, it is worth noting that in most species fertilization occurs at the expense of maximum convergence of the vent of female and male, when the male ejaculates semen.

Genitals female

peculiarity of female reproductive system of birds is that it dramatically asymmetric in most species, ieIt consists of a left ovary and oviduct left.Right ovary develops only a few birds loons, owls, chicken, shepherds, parrots, some daytime predators.But even well-developed iron in this case rarely works.It so happens that matured egg in the right ovary is output through the left oviduct.

reason for this asymmetry is that female birds lay eggs with a large hard-shell, which move the oviduct for a long time - about two days.

Ovary is a grainy body of irregular shape.It is located in front of the kidneys.The size of the ovary depends on the maturity of the eggs being in it.

oviduct - a long tube that moves matured egg.It is connected at one end to the cloaca and the other - with the body cavity.

oviduct consists of several departments.The first is rich in special glands that secrete the protein.In this section, the egg is about 6 hours and covers the first protective layer.The second section is more subtle, it is covered podskorlupovymi egg shells.The next section of the oviduct - the uterus.It egg is about 20 hours.There are formed calcareous shells and various pigments that stained it.Last Front - the vagina, the egg out of it gets into the cloaca, and more - out.

all the passage of the eggs from the chicken oviduct is about 24 hours, a dove - 41 hours.

Features breeding

Despite the general scheme of breeding birds of every kind of individual.

studying the question of how to mate domestic poultry, such as chicken for example, it is worth remembering that they can lay eggs without a male.This means that the outgoing egg is unfertilized.

male testes begin to function, grow in size - males ready to fertilize.There is a transfer of genetic material to females, who after a certain period begin to lay eggs.The number of different species of birds differently.

At various times, the breeding takes place.Biology of species is very diverse.If one species ready to breed in early spring, the other - only in the middle of summer.Some birds are sedentary and nest in the same place, but others arrive from distant countries is the period of nesting and breeding.

To better understand how a certain type of birds mate, you must examine the individual characteristics of the reproductive system of its representatives.