An episode from the history of Russia: the revolt Drevlyane

Very little news came to us from the history of pre-Christian Russia.But what we know is of particular interest for lovers of antiquity.One of the well-researched facts is Drevlyane uprising, which took place during the reign of Prince Igor.What it was called, and which it had consequences for the country?Let's face it.


Drevlyane Revolt in 945 g was not spontaneous.It had a good reason.When Oleg the Wise came to Kiev, he slowly began to subjugate all the tribes living in the neighborhood of the capital.Slavic tribes Drevlyane at the time was half-savage people (according to the "Tale of Bygone Years").They ate everything, did not condemn the murder, not the practice of marriages.However, they had a prince, or leader, who led their lives.Having conquered Drevlyane Oleg overlaid them tribute, but the local authorities, he did not touch.Tribute was called polyude and she was going in November.Now when this time, the Russian brigade on the forehead with the prince of Kiev was sent to the conquered tribes, and they wintered.That is, they were on the full content of the common people.And with the advent of spring army returned to the capital.

Prince Igor

Drevlyane Rebellion occurred during the reign of Prince Igor, who ascended the throne after the death of Oleg.The new governor of the Old Russian state needed the money: it was necessary to pay tribute to the Khazars, and his squad has increased by Varangian troops.Drevlyans Uglich and rose up to fight with Kiev.Only three years later, Igor defeated the rebels (the year 945).Rebellion Drevlyane brutally strangled Varangian troops under the command of Sveneld and Prince increased the tribute.Perhaps, the Vikings and their leader received the right to manage the money collected.

Death Prince of Kiev

But Prince Igor appears korystolyubnym man and greedy as he returns for the Poljud, taking with him only a small force (not to share with the Vikings).And it mattered to him fatal.New Drevlyane uprising was inevitable: people fainted from the enormous tributes, and the prince seemed to them an easy prey.They decided to kill him, so that he would not destroy them then, like a wolf sheep, carrying them one by one.Under the leadership of Prince Mal drevlyans came from his capital Korosten (maybe not so wild they were, once lived in cities?) Came and killed.Himself Igor they tied to two trees and torn apart.Interestingly, the Byzantine historian Leo the Deacon reports that the Prince of Kiev, was killed during the campaign against the Germans, but his death was also: Igor tied to the trunks of plants bend down and released.The body was brought home and buried under Korosten.

Princess Olga

Drevlyane The revolt was caused by lawlessness Igor, the killing of the prince they thought fair.However, Olga, who reigned instead of the minor son Svyatoslav, thought otherwise.She gathered the council, but which it was decided to take revenge on the rebels, because the country has remained without a ruler.However, the princess, in contrast to her late husband, different mind, intelligence and judgment, so it revenge attention to detail.

When Mal sent to Princess matchmakers (say, your husband, we killed because he stepped away from the established order, but we're good), he offered to join forces and create a single state.Here you can see that under the command of Mala acted a union of tribes, not just one group of half-wild.Moreover, historians have found Prince Drevlyansky capital - the city of Malines.

Revenge saddened widow

Olga longed for revenge, as custom demanded.It is then she will accept Christianity and proclaimed saint and Equal to the Apostles.And then she worshiped gods who demanded retribution, tit for tat.She invited the ambassadors Drevlyane to him, and when they come, they asked to bear them in boats.Angry Princess sang their will, but porters threw boat with people in a pit, where they live covered with earth.Then Olga demanded that it come to other ambassadors, and fifty men of the family Drevlyansky.But these ambassadors, she ruined: they burned in the bath.

But this was not enough for her, and Olga goes to Drevlianys itself, ostensibly to celebrate funeral feast.She asked to prepare a feast, to which they agreed.Arriving with a small force, the princess told to pour the high mound and a banquet.But when drevlyans drunk, its all chopped squad.Chronicler calls about five thousand men!Then the princess quietly returned to Kiev.

A year later, Kiev Princess gathers an army to finally conquer the rebels.Korosten But they could not take it.Then again, Olga took the cunning, promising that lift the siege in exchange for tribute.What she demanded, it caused a Drevlyane laugh three sparrows and three pigeons from each household.Besieged happy to fulfill her wish.But the princess told tied to the birds and releasing the embers.A feathered immediately rushed home to their nests.The city started the fire.Those people who have survived, Olga punished heavy tribute, which was divided into two parts.Most came to Kiev, and less - in Vyshgorod, where the princess lived.Here's how the revolt ended Drevlyane!


necessary to give Olga a privilege - it is well performed her widow's debt.Though history tells that drevlyans were right, Princess revenge for her husband, the father of her only son.And at that time did not do so, she would be considered worthy of a relative, it would be despised in her own environment.

But Olga went on: Insurrection Drevlyane (year 945) was crushed, and their capital wiped out.However, the princess learned a lesson, because next year it established rules and procedures for the collection of tributes across the country.Svyatoslav she left a powerful state with a strong central authority and a lack of financial problems.