How to respond to an insult: Tips 'seasoned'

Each of us at least once in their life abused.In this situation, immediately want to answer something like that, but it does not always have the right words, expressions, and even intelligence.It's hard to quickly find and choose the right solution.Our goal - to understand how to respond to an insult so as to cause the interlocutor is not a condescending smile and respect.It turns out to be not so simple, for it is necessary to understand a few things.

Before you say anything, you have to calm down and to overcome the fear that you have emerged.Of course, your opponent will feel it immediately and will be in pole position.Keep in mind that the enemy is afraid of no less than yours, because your strength - in the belief that you can not lose.That it will help you find the right solution to the situation.

If you have caused affront incorrectly commented on your social status, clothing or appearance, of course, as soon as the offender wants to repay the favor.But in this case you'll look stupid, and sparring, which occurs, nothing but laughter and condemnation from others will not cause.The best recommendation in this case is simply ignoring the expressions: pretend that he did not notice the person you offended, it is not interesting to you, in the end, he's just not worthy of your attention.You will win, believe me.

difficult to determine with how to respond to an insult to the familiar man.If you are struck his colleague, you can either make a joke (but in such a situation risk being branded a fool), or the same answer rudeness (then fall in the eyes of the rest of the staff).You can try to use any taunt that will help close the mouth, and the offender will be quite witty.For example, if you are talking to a subordinate can be expressed on his part to answer insulting phrase such as: "You can have your own opinion, but it is not interesting to me."

If you are with a colleague "on equal terms", thinking about how to respond to an insult, it is possible to resort to a neutral variant: "You are very versed in this matter, but you have chosen not the best time and place to discuss the topic".Thus, you can get away from the conflict, then to take revenge on him at the time, when you are better prepared.

Remember that in any situation you need to stick to the leading position: not to worry, to get rid of the fear and feel confident.The enemy in this case he tries to close the subject in order not to fall into the eyes of others.

In today's world, due to regular and long-term social networking, the question arises, how to react to abuse on the Internet.As a rule, many interlocutors have never seen each other and did not communicate personally.Sometimes these problems arise in online games, where opponents do not skimp on the statements of both positive and negative.Of course, you can join the ranks of people using foul language and profanity, but be aware that your ranking as an educated and cultured person will fall, first of all, in your own eyes.In addition, these offenses are illegal and entail legal liability.

There are a few general rules of how to respond to an insult:

  1. Try to turn the situation so that there was no flow of mutual insults and accusations.It is no good will not, and still do not know whether you deal with this person.Fate - an unpredictable thing.If
  2. insult affects your honor or dignity, do not translate everything into a joke.Try politely and without shouting cad put in place.
  3. Choose a response to the conversation was over.
  4. Speak as possible restrained tone.

universal way to respond to an insult not, because everything depends on the situation and the personality of the offender.It is important not to lose self-control and choose the right solution.