Floral prints in clothes - a tangible aroma

Flowers in any decoration - it is always a beauty, tenderness and humor.And each woman to face all this.Therefore, any purchase of colorful little things is not a waste of Finance, and the best investment in femininity.

Species floral prints

floral print clothing are an integral part of the fashion collections each season.Their variations may resemble spring lawn, lush gardens, exotic jungles and folklore motives.Ornament can be pronounced, contrasting with clear boundaries, vaguely reminiscent of abstraction.Such soft and blurred line patterns are similar to the artist's paintings, writing oil-based paints.The combination of several kinds of prints may contain only a slight hint of the presence of color themes.Each figure over time, or losing its relevance, or finds it in hypertrophied form.

"blooming" clothing

Most often floral print clothing associated with the dress, but non-standard thinking designers today breaks stereotypes.And even today it adorns the sports suits, not to mention the jackets, skirts, trousers and coats.While the "bloom" can be handbag, hat or shoes.Since floral prints themselves are a dynamic part of any image, the selection of accessories to be particularly delicate.For example, a set consisting of a top, jacket and trousers, a colorful accent is better to choose one thing.If the trousers and jacket are a motley set of indivisible, the monotony of the other parts of the ensemble is to be welcomed.Sometimes too active

floral print (2013) Dress is to balance the elongated vest neutral shade.A similar method is the perfect solution for business ladies in the evening, leading the official negotiations in the first half and the rest of the day continues at the premiere of the theater.

How to choose the correct print

Choose floral prints in accordance with the parameters of your body can each woman.The principle of "reverse" is not relevant.This means that not all fragile person will be able to "bear" on their shoulders a large floral pattern.While many curvy ladies to do so triumphantly, without fear seem visually larger size.Conversely, a fine pattern can visually add volume corpulent woman.The golden mean - the average size of a pattern - a win-win for both.Of course, much depends on the quality of the fabric and, therefore, usually one - fitting, fitting and again fitting.It is worth remembering that the best floral prints on inexpensive fabrics will never transform a woman, even if the style, for example, dress - in a trend.

and to shine a princess at the ball, film star to appear in the style of "retro" or just give yourself up, put on a dress is just flowered.And what pattern dress to choose - a delicate bud, blossom riotous or scattering petals - it's up to the woman.By the way, a bouquet of flowers from a fan is required to take, because this accessory will never be over.