How to survive the death of her husband lives in a new way

century women usually longer than their male peers.Therefore, many are widows.Most women with the care of her husband feel that they have lost the meaning of life.Especially it concerns women who are very dependent psychologically from the departed loved one in a different world.How to survive the death of her husband?

First of all, you need to give vent to emotions, and there are no rules, every woman should cry and it should be done as much as you want.Justice in determining the number of years allotted to a particular person, look not to be - to all the will of God.Often, kind and good people die young, and the bastards live to a ripe old age.Maybe God just gives more time bad people, so that they can fix your life.

It is important not to close, on the contrary, call a good friend and tell them that you need more attention for the first time after the death of her husband.Often, people close to the type of death and fear begin to behave inappropriately, embarrassed and create awkward situations.It is necessary to forgive and understand friends, because the question "How to survive the death of my husband?" You have also started asking myself recently.Your task after the first stage will take pains to try to find new friends.Of course, not everyone knows how to survive the death of a loved one, especially young friends, but try to find new topics, which might take up your head and be an alternative to the conversations and memories of her husband.

Your job is also to take care of the departed in the world other person.After the death of help it can only be prayer and remembrance to all parents in the days of the church.The man himself can not repair anything in the eyes of God, if he was already dead.But you're alive, you can.If the husband is much sinned and was guilty before you, to pray about it especially hard.In this case, only your righteous life can save it, so you need to change life in the direction of greater spirituality to it "score?" And for you and for him.

The calendar will be a new day - the day of death, but his birthday, Valentine's Day and wedding date will not holidays, and days of sadness.They need to prepare in advance, deciding what you will do in each of these days, not to be caught off guard.

How to survive the death of her husband, so that health is not affected?We must try to change your lifestyle, you have to be especially careful with food because many people tend to incorrect feeding behavior after a hard event.Here there are two extremes: even stop there, and there is no control.Focus on nutrition, it will leave a bit of thinking about a loved one's death.

It is also important to restructure your day, that is, to write a new schedule and try to follow it.Your day should be filled with chores, you may want to develop new forms of needlework.If you do something with their hands, the mood will improve.Surviving the death of a loved one is easier if you are very busy.Of course, life is not the same as it was before, you feel alone, but be sure to look for as many as possible of communication, even though one wants to close the apartment and cry.

If you have children, be sure to seek help from them.They will understand that the mother hurt and lonely.Ask them to see you more often, and if you already have grandchildren, we can offer more help to care for them.Most take them with him on weekends and holidays, young children are distracting from the gloomy thoughts, and help to focus on pressing issues rather than the death of a loved one.

How to survive the death of her husband?Take what happened and try to occupy himself with the affairs, to seek the company of others.Here is a brief summary of the article.Of course, positive thoughts about that, they say, life goes on, in this case, irrelevant.Yes, there was a trouble, but you have still a lot of problems in life.