Modernisation of health: goals and achieve them

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national project "Health" has gained popularity and showed that the concentration of resources on priority areas is yielding positive results.The next step - is the modernization of public health.

Government has prepared a legal base for this program in the form of several decrees and orders.Funding of all activities performed by the Federal and territorial funds, as well as the municipal and regional budgets.

Modernization of Health - is:

  • development of several hundred billion rubles;
  • construction of health facilities and repair of existing ones;
  • decision of medical issues;
  • convenient introduction of information systems;
  • purchase of modern medical equipment;
  • introduction of new standards;
  • establishment of institutions for pregnant women caught in difficult situations;
  • organization of treatment of young children;
  • improvement activities to integrate health care and financial engineering.

Modernization of Health provides:

  • priority to the interests of patients when they receive medical care;
  • respect for human rights;
  • health of infants;
  • access to health care;
  • responsibility of government and the state of health of citizens;
  • improving the demographic situation.

Modernization of health requires constant revision.The program provides for the repair of medical facilities, improvement of material and technical base.It is planned to develop information technology, for example, to enter everywhere electronic record to specialists via the Internet, electronic medical records and document management, to raise salaries to health workers.

The funds are spent is not yet full.Overhaul performed in only half of all planned facilities.About 1,000 hospitals have not even signed a contract for repairs.

acquisition of 250,000 units of medical equipment includes modernization of healthcare.Safety Program also made a half.The main problems in this direction - supply disruption, disturbance of installation, commissioning, lack of trained specialists and facilities.

Modernization of Health of the Russian Federation provides for the purchase of several hundreds of thousands of information technology equipment.They need to maintain a record of patients, the introduction of electronic document management.Computers purchased not in full, as the terms of reference for a long time developed and agreed, delivery deviate from the schedule.

Best of all regions are adopting high standards of care.The Ministry of Health says that they have already been introduced in 90% of hospitals.Also, officials say that the task of increasing the wages of nurses and doctors performed 100%.

Healthcare in the Russian Federation in need of modernization.But still so much to do.Let us hope that all the planned activities will be carried out!