What does loving a woman?

For many thousands of years the best minds in the world can not find answers to two questions.The first relates to the heart feelings, and the second - with the psychology of the beautiful half of humanity.The mixture of these elements gave rise to the greatest mystery of life.So, what does loving a woman?

Question Millennium

Since the founding of the world all the deeds committed in the name of fine young ladies.The Greek philosophers have tried to unravel the mystery of their souls.Medieval knights took part in difficult fights for attention ladylove.Renaissance artists inspired by the real muse.Women devoted numerous poems, they appear in the pictures, they became the impetus for bold and crazy things.For the love of beautiful maidens began the war, we created the evil and injustice stopped.On the men's feelings written many stories and created thousands of legends.But it looks like women's affection, and what it means loving woman?

Of course, the experience of the beautiful half of humanity is much more emotional and more intense.Women increasingly complex situations require the impossible and make the other change for the better.This raises the question: "Lady, you are not satisfied with her companion, friend or son, can be considered loving?"The answer is partly gives psychology.

That offer tracts

Our society is full of a variety of stereotypes.Most of them introduces the science of the human soul, which focuses on statistics and based on general information.What does loving woman on the theory of psychology?

first and foremost its characteristics - Mastering the Art of golden midway.She knows how to find a consensus between the two main forms of relationships: a gentleman, or keeps it in his fist, or the lady pushes it under the heel.There is also used so-called theory of carrot and stick.

It should be noted that the following items are not dependent on marital status, age and social status of half of mankind.Any husband, brother, son, or father - he always remains man.

Arts mid

mistaken those who think that love with a woman ready to do anything to fulfill the whims of the object of their worship.Such relationships are doomed from the start because the boundless anarchy, as well as total control, will soon get bored and one of the partners will start to look for adventure on the side.

A person who is able to relate with pleasure - that's what it means loving person.Woman with pure and sincere feelings will never allow your loved ones to do stupid things about which they will later regret.It will make sure that decisions were correct, fair actions, and time is not wasted.She do not care with whom to communicate her choice like eating, what to wear.If love lady sticks his nose into other people's business, therefore, the situation requires intervention.

Two sides of the same coin

Smart lady leaves the choice of the satellite when it is certain that under his own strength to overcome this obstacle.This woman clearly delineates the face of worries and molestation.She knows how to combine tenderness with perseverance.Women's fragile nature gradually takes possession of knowledge, which can accurately separate the offense from the just judgment.

What does a loving person in a romantic relationship?They can be compared with the medal, which on one hand is your personality, and on the other - the feelings of others.Sometimes, in order to circumvent the troubles and to agree on the need to become a thin line edges and carefully balance.

theory of transformation

Millions of men all over the world in one voice say that every new fiancee is trying to change them to your liking.Indeed, there are dozens of friends to each couples where one or both partners seek to transfer satellite plans, passions and even elementary habits.Such efforts will not yield results.The satellite, which will take you for who you really are - that's what it means loving person.

If the feelings are mutual, the object of affection he wants to change to meet your desires.That's why the boys stop hooligans and comfort those mothers, brother of pent-up emotions, a word not to harm his sister, the young men become more attentive to the feelings of the girls with whom there are men emote daughters.

In this case, the transformation must be at the initiative of the item you want to change.

Alien role in your play

Of the many complex emotions build relationships.One of the building blocks of the family - jealousy.What is the meaning inherent in a loving wife and whether she felt as property?Of course, every woman has a duty not only to his companion, but also certain rights to him.And the lady can find out the relationship, when it comes to her lover, and the other ladies.But in other cases do not need to roll up hysteria.

lady who really loves unconsciously but the role of wife and mistress, still playing game mother and girlfriend.It is not jealous, as the above-mentioned persons, to other areas of life, but instead supports them in every possible way.For example, one of the parents will try to dissuade his son from playing sports or from friends who would be against his fishing trip?

wife should not only be the first counselor to the man, but also a friend.

against men - mirror effect

Another unpleasant side of any relationship are quarrels.Oddly enough, but must be able to make trouble.A particularly severe and tragic differences are in the phase of sympathy.

What does loving a girl who does not practice the emotional discharges and declares that he will never have a reason to battle?Most of it is a sign that the chosen one is not ready to solve complex problems and will let them down the river.

If a woman truly in love, it does not mean that the relationship will never suffer the crisis.But the person who really something to experience, know how to behave during a fuse.Firstly, she blames for past misdeeds.Secondly, I am not looking for a partner, both in the mirror and not looking in his way of the cause of their problems.And most importantly - the conversation will take place only when the emotions cool down.

Personal space

Many men say that the happiest time of their lives - childhood.Then they will know what it means loving mother, her selflessness and a desire to do everything to the success of his son.This is the model being built all future relationships.

But this does not mean that the chosen one to be a copy of the young mother.Just stands to be unselfish and not demand the same in return.Why is that?Because a man who does not thank for feeling responsible or cold - is not your destiny.

in all respects should be smooth and mutually.If the difference is noticeable, one of the partners will continue to feel inferior.

also should adhere to the boundaries of personal space.What does loving a woman?It is one that will not try to enter into all spheres of life partner.If the young lady will be present continuously beside his friend the heart at work, with family, friends, and during the holidays, people just suffocate.

Ode faith

The only people who came as close to the mystery of the female soul - writers.Especially a lot of discoveries can be done by reading verses of the great Russian poet Konstantin Simonov.In June 1941, a man was called to war.There, he realized what it means loving woman.

day instead of the prosaic lines of soldiers sent beloved rhymes.The poem was called "Wait for me."It is a simple story of the military, which maintains the fire in the heart of the sincere feelings girlfriend.Strings - an ode to faith and hope, which can only sincere and kind person.The image of the main character - a symbol of light, which reaches the soul of a poet.

So, what devotion to man?The first is when a companion believed in his dream and strength.She does not care what people think about it and tell others.Let give examples, statistics, telling scary stories, and sad, and she would sit silently and just dream along with him.

Life is full of surprises and bizarre situations.Because of such confusion, many couples disagree.But the family, where there is not only a passion, but also the confidence and the desire to solve problems remain together against all odds.Willingness to share with you along to dream and to achieve it - that's what it means loving person.The power of faith in other people's desires can not be overemphasized.