Most combat aircraft (photo)

It is safe to say that each country should have at their disposal a combat aircraft in the event of invasion.Land land, the sea, the sea, but it means nothing if the enemy can cross the border by air.Let's look at you warplanes over the world who are the best.This technique creates a long time.However, a great number of modifications, the new models - it's all there today.


It is difficult to assess military aircraft.This is due to the fact that there are promising developments or ready fighters and bombers, which, fortunately, in the battle has not yet been tested.However, the main factor influencing the rating war machine - experience.That is why almost all the models that are presented in this article participated in the battle.Let's try to make your own rating, highlighting the machine specifications, as well as to consider the unique side of each of them and weaponry that allows you to intercept the bombers to destroy enemy fighters, and so on. N.

Warplanes World: Top 10

As strange as it sounds, but the world's most modern fighter ranks last on our list.Perhaps this is due to the fact that the F-22 "Raptor" has no combat experience.This plane does not just become the subject of disputes technologists.Some talked about the relevance and effectiveness of techniques, others - on the unreasonably high cost ($ 66 billion).

Experts note that a deep modernization of the same F-15 and F-16 would give equivalent effect, with the cost of improvement would be a fraction.Nevertheless, this fighter is the only of its kind in terms of technical characteristics.During its development, using the principle of "first saw - the first shot."However, without experience is difficult to say anything concrete, so let's go further.

German "Swallow" from the Second World War

Today, few people had heard of fighter Messerschmitt Me.262 Schwalbe.But during the Second World War, every Soviet and German soldiers knew about this creation.Yes, it is creation, because otherwise this machine is difficult to call.This is due to the fact that 1943 was a breakthrough to achieve a top speed of 900 km / h, which, in fact, the German designers managed.

¬ęSwallow" was quite technologically and had quite a few flaws.The aircraft was equipped with four 30-mm guns and ammunition of 100 shells.Also on board were more than two dozen rockets.In general, it is a proven military equipment.The aircraft could be used as an interceptor, platers and blitz bomber.By the end of the war it was made about 1900 pieces of equipment, but in the air has risen only 300 pieces.On that first drew attention to the Soviet pilots, having caught a trophy, you ask?The abolition of the radio, which gave a good advantage in battle.

Combat aircraft Russian

eighth place in this ranking is the MiG-25.This Soviet high-altitude interceptor, which has experienced a tremendous amount of modifications.His improvements, we'll talk later.So, it is this machine has to his credit some 29 records.Combat capabilities of the aggregate demand and have not been, but as a scout, he showed himself to be a good side.

That the MiG-25 has opened the entire line of defense Bar-Lev even during the Arab-Israeli conflict.This was achieved thanks to the fact that the aircraft was flying at an altitude of 18-23 km at a maximum speed.In this mode, combat vehicle burned every minute about 500 liters of fuel.Note that the aircraft can accelerate to a speed of 2.8 m, in which the lining is heated to 300 degrees Celsius.According to the pilots, even the lights in the cabin had a high temperature, and it can not be touched with bare hands.You can say that it is worthy of combat aircraft of the world, who in their time have attracted much attention.

British Aerospace Sea Harrier and Mitsubishi A6M

name is easy to guess that this vehicle is originally from Britain.He appeared in 1967.In fact, it was the first aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing.Despite the fact that this unit is subsonic, it's great to show themselves in battle.A vivid example is 23 Argentine aircraft shot down, while not lost a single "Harrier".

As Mitsubishi A6M, occupying the 6th stage, it is a real mystery.Of course, it is now known all the secrets of this unit, but in his time he was simply irreplaceable.According to experts, the engineers have managed to combine something that is very difficult to reconcile.High range - 2600 km.These are impressive figures for the carrier-based aircraft.In addition, these warplanes photos which you can see, has excellent maneuverability and powerful weaponry - and all this at a maximum curb weight of 2,500 tons.All this has been achieved due to the lack of armor and protectors on the tanks with fuel.

fifth place: the F-16

For years, experts in the field of aviation are at odds over what is better: the F-16 or MiG-29.So, on this occasion, you can talk endlessly, but let's just take a closer look with an American creation.F-16 compared to the MiG-29 has the best optical review, which is mainly during an air battle - the one who first discovers an enemy, has a significant advantage.

In terms of speed and the Grace of the MiG-29 leader, but not essential.A good pilot can neutralize small deviations.While at the same time it can make even the ace of the few advantages of a huge plus in the battle, as we must not forget.F-16 is known for its weapons.On board there are both managed and unmanaged bombs, anti-radar missiles, and so on. N. In this case, the aircraft payload of 7.5 tons, while the MiG-29 can take off only 2.5 tons.This significant difference is due to the fact that the American has one engine, and the Soviet frontline fighter - two.

Russian military aircraft MiG-15

This unit was in service with 40 countries.Agree, it at least shows its effectiveness.The aircraft was developed in 1949.Until that time, many in the West believed that Soviet designers make the bulky, heavy and outdated fighters, but when there was a MiG-15, this view soon vanished.Quick, easy and deadly - in this whole moment.With his appearance completely disappeared probability of a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union, as the B-29 could not under any circumstances to break through the barrier of MiGs.On the whole - it's a great fighter who deserves recognition for a reason, and for its uniqueness.

Messerschmitt Bf.109 and MiG-21

Messerschmitt Bf.109, perhaps the most famous fighter of World War II.And for good reason.After all, this machine was a favorite among the German aces.The fact that the Messerschmitt Bf.109 was incredibly maneuverable, fast and deadly.German designers have developed four versions of the aircraft.By the way, each of them has been successful in its own way.Since E (Emil) became the hero of the Battle of Britain, and F (Friedrich) June 22, 1942 broke the silence over Soviet skies.There have also been modifications to the class G and K is "Messerschmitt" has been the most deadly.

It is impossible not to mention the fighter 2nd generation of Soviet designers.The MiG-21 has a huge potential that has not been disclosed to the end.As shown, the Soviet engineers had a misconception about the weapons.The fact that the main competitor MiG was "Phantom 2 '.The Americans have relied on electronic equipment, and the USSR - maneuverability.As shown, no one nor the other were not successful."Phantom" had guns on board, which immediately showed during the battle, while the MiG was only 2 missiles "air-air", which turned out to be extremely small.

First place is ...

Here we are with you and reviewed almost all of the best combat aircraft.There was only one, and that F-15.It is this aircraft is the best, according to many experts.For the most part this is due to a huge combat experience.Just imagine 104 air battles (wins) without a single loss!It is unlikely that we're talking about luck, rather, about the professionalism of pilots and aircraft perfectly.

is impressive and weapons "Eagle", which can fire both air and ground targets.The US Air Force plans to the end of 2015 put into service stealth fighter based on the F-15, F-15SE modification.Apart from the fact that the car will be more discreet, slightly improve the weapons and automatic navigation system.By the way, Americans have always paid attention above all the safety of its crew.This applies to tanks, aircraft and ships.For example, Soviet warplanes and tanks that are not famous.

were presented to your attention the most famous combat aircraft in Russia and other countries that were on our list.All these machines once terrified the enemy.Of course, I would like to aviation was used as sparingly as possible, and military conflicts to be solved through diplomatic channels.But when that fails, go to protect the fighters and bombers who are ready to take off at any moment.