What is the size of pallet, and what are its characteristics?

now impossible to imagine any enterprise for which there is no stock of pallets - special packaging designed for easy transport of heavy bulky cargo.Due to its versatility these pallets are used in virtually all sectors of industry and economy.Thanks to them can be carried out fast loading of the goods and promptly send it to the destination.However, in order to load reached in safe condition, it should be properly packed and loaded on the surface of the transport crate.But today we will not talk about the proper packaging of goods, and consider the features of the most popular types of pallets in the Russian market, which is called the pallet.Dimensions drawing and design of the packaging will be discussed in the course of today's article.


most often given the transport device is made of wood.Less can find products made of plastic or metal.However, regardless of what material it is made, it has the same size pallet.Same for them and a way of fasteners.Placed on the surface of the pallet load additional special shrink wrapped film or straps.Exceptions are goods in the so-called "big bags" - plastic bags enormous size.


It is worth noting that despite the ease of the tray (its mass does not exceed 10 kilograms) weight of transported cargo it can reach the level of 2-2.5 tons.How is it possible?And this is achieved by careful design of the container, in which there are wooden blocks and boards, interconnected by means of 100-millimeter nails.It would seem that such a simple design should simply collapse under the weight of several tons, but no: The correct placement of checkers and alternation width planks (they have different sizes) pallet can safely carry loads weighing several thousand kilograms.Here's a she, Engineering.

What is the size of pallet?

Not to be confused with a pallet of his American counterpart, as both containers have completely different dimensions.Standard europallet size of 80x120 centimeters.The "American" has dimensions of 100x100 centimeters.It is worth noting that the size of the pallet is not accidental.The fact that such a length and width of the container allows you to place the maximum load on the compact platform semitrailer.And now in more detail about it.Standard eurotrucks fit up to 86 cubic meters of cargo.Thus dimensions of the semitrailer comprise 13.6h2.45h2.65 meter (L / W / V, respectively).In such a truck can be placed exactly 33 pallets, no more and no less.Moreover, they can be laid in two ways - along (3 pieces) and perpendicular (respectively 2).But in any case the distance from the walls of the body to the loaded containers will be only a few millimeters.