How to calm your nerves: Tips for all occasions

shattered nerves - a problem many modern people.Few manage to keep calm when leans pile of everyday problems, to meet with equanimity unforeseen trouble, and everything else to manage to enjoy life.If you let the situation take its course - your body will not forgive (decrease in the body's defenses react - the immune system, "nerves" can develop a variety of diseases - somatic), and others will not happy with your behavior.

The solution lies in the reason

How to calm your nerves, when it seems as if the chaos around you?Taking sedatives - means to treat the symptoms have already appeared.And in the meantime they will be repeated and repeated.This is because the cause of frayed nerves is not disclosed and are not eliminated.

And the reasons are many: the circumstances in your life, do not allow to keep calm;accumulated fatigue, emotional and physical exhaustion;irritability as a property of temperament.

accept life's troubles quietly, with confidence in their own abilities (you can resolve any problems!) - That's what you need to be able to modern man, instead of looking for an answer to the question - how to calm my nerves.Finding time to recover strength and true methods (not everyone is suitable, for example, active).If you are a "nervous" because of temperament - to learn not to be broken, at least for loved ones.

Do nerves in children?

If you contact us, the adults, everything is clear: we want that, then feel - how about the children?How to calm the nerves of a child?

often heard from outraged parents in response to the behavior of a son or daughter, "What nerve you may be, you're still a little!" Is it fair to such a remark?

children can be nervous, even more adults, because we have more experience in managing them.A little man is just beginning to learn about the world and himself.Teach your child to understand their feelings and manage them.

When feelings erupted: emergency measures

course, always maintain composure completely - impossible.In these cases there is a lot of useful psychological advice: how to calm your nerves, when the situation deteriorated?How to calm yourself if you become very irritable and can not accept everything that is happening around adequately?If you take it out on friends, colleagues and even to the authorities?If you have a hard working life?We must learn to feel calm inside, let it in your mind busy ...

Many have probably guessed.We are talking about meditation.On the small and simple receptions remove irritation medicines, and on their own, using the resources of the body.They have everyone!It is only necessary to find the way to them.

The thing negative, also accumulate in us during the day.From a strong need to get rid of negative emotions.Some of them are quite "exist a" (take a deep breath and exhale a few times).Some need to let out (in a suitable environment, for example, in the gym).Others - kill a positive attitude.Instead of disturbing thoughts, to imagine a clearer picture of how well you will be when it is finally finished (the situation is resolved).IeWe need to focus on the result rather than the process, so excites you.In more complex cases (illness of a close, death, debt) psychologists advise to put the "anchor" - something for which you can hold on to keep from going mad with anger, resentment, feelings of hopelessness.This anchor must be associated with something that family, friends, important to you, embodies your personality.This can be a favorite toy, the most important value in your life, to retreat from which you can never.Whatever it is, keep it "at arm's length," but rarely resorted to this thing or idea is not lost its healing effect.

How to calm nerves on the job?Train "relax" at home to work on it took only a few seconds, saving for you!In addition, people pass by meditation tricks, because I think it's stupid looks from the outside.At work, at home after training your actions no one would notice, but how much benefit you will bring yourself, your body, your productive work!Start with ideas of where you would be nice.At work, even if the image appears as soon as you close your eyes.

And the last thing that can be advised as a whole on the issue of how to calm the nerves.Try to be cheerful person.Sadness, resentment, anxiety, agitation - without, of course, no way.But remember, you can choose what to feel and when.What do you prefer to feel right now? ..