Devotion and loyalty - what is it?

concept of loyalty accompanies each person every day throughout his life in any sphere: love, friendship, work.Fidelity describes the person in terms of moral, ethical, spiritual qualities, education, calls him a sense of trust and respect.

People may be true not only in relation to each other, but also to the Fatherland, goal, personal principles, rules of conduct, their dreams, this way.

interpretation of the concept of loyalty

According to the dictionary, the immutability and stability of feelings towards anything or anyone - is loyalty and devotion.Ability firmly, firmly carry out its duty to keep promises.This is the opposite of deceit, treachery, betrayal, deceit.This quality does not expect anything in return, do not agree about it in advance, it should be an unofficial rule of man in all his endeavors, whether it be relations with the people or with their inner world, thoughts, opinions, religion.

faithful man - is, first, just an honest, respectable, moral citizen and the subject company.People who know how to be faithful to evaluating this quality above all else, never capable of betrayal and deception.One of the main qualities that characterize a respectable man - loyalty.What is the human relationships that are built without a sincere commitment, trust, rely on the possibility of a solid shoulder, well aware of people who have seen the betrayal, disappointment and lies.

Dedication Friendship

people are starting to be friends since early childhood.Most still crumbs in kindergarten they are drawn to friendship, choosing suitable for the spirit babies.On school days tied a strong friendship, consisting in a joint vacation, mutual ability to stand up for each other.Sometimes these relationships go through life, through many trials, becoming stronger.This is the real faithful friendship, without greed and betrayal.

ability to rejoice with a friend when he is doing to the mountain, to help, to pull out of any scrape, stand behind him a mountain, go for it, no matter where he asked to be with him, even if everyone is against it- is loyalty.What is friendship without commitment?Absolutely not friendship and a relationship based on mutual benefit, flattery, which may end at any moment.

Men's faithful woman

Not every man can be true only beloved.Most are looking for new love affairs, even if the long-married.Some men do not consider adultery a passing fad, and some of his wife in silence close to the adventures of her husband's eyes, so as not to ruin a marriage and not to injure the psyche of children.

This man should be responsible for their actions.By choosing only time to carry it to the end, not being exchanged for detail.Faithful and devoted to his beloved, the man understands all laid on him the burden of responsibility after the Union, based on full and mutual trust.All his love for his wife appears to care for her, respect and sincerity, which is an integral part of the concept of loyalty.

Devotion parents

Not all children growing up and having got his family can save towards their parents to an old faithful.What is the long-awaited one call per month for the relatives of people on the ground, giving their all, who put his heart and soul to the education of a son or daughter?Loyalty to parents - it is an opportunity, in spite of the busy work, give them due attention and care.

True to his parents person is obliged to repay them with kindness, warm attitude of love.The duty of children is in the custody of their parents until the last of the day, giving them proper care and support, both moral and financial.

Loyalty to motherland

special feeling for his native land, his willingness to serve good, defend against invaders - is also faithful.What is devotion to the motherland, every soldier knows that protects your house, digging a trench, mercilessly kill enemies.This is every mother knows, furtively wiping tears, releasing her only son in the war.

of loyalty to people of his country commitments to them, the debt can tell every soldier who lost a comrade on the battlefield.This survivor knows the soldier, wounded, but kept bravery and courage to pull each other out of the fire.

loyalty - is the quality of a hero, able to pass through a lot to preserve the purity of thoughts and kindness towards all living things.It is the ability for a higher purpose, sacrificing themselves for others, go ahead and do not give up.

loyalty and devotion - is the foundation of all genuine and real human relationships, the main moral quality of spiritually mature, honest, sincere person, incapable of deceit and betrayal.