How long have the bailiffs know by name?

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debts - unpleasant thing, but the debtor not be too difficult.Forget about traffic police summonses, err, paying utility bills and accumulate interest is overdue loan payment.Getting into trouble is possible and became a guarantor for the loan.

more dangerous debts?

Even small amounts of debt can turn into big trouble, disrupt holiday abroad, tighten obtain the necessary documents, making it impossible to loan processing, to prevent the registration of movable or immovable property.It may be quite unpleasant, if we apply the favorite method of exposure to non-payers - the arrest of a current account.

Sadness overdue debts in the fact that the payment information appears, for example, with the customs authorities, within two months from the date of repayment of debt - so works Bailiff Service.Learn debts and pay in advance is recommended that the information had time to do the right address, but you do not suffer because of the debts that have already been paid.

restriction on travel abroad

Debt can be a reason that you do not go abroad, whether it's a vacation or a business trip, it does not matter.Therefore, if you are in relation to enforcement proceedings and submitted a writ of execution on the debt, which amounts to over 10 000, it is likely that the measure would be the imposition of penalties travel restrictions.Remove the restriction can only repay debt or otherwise reaching an agreement with the FSSP.

little simplifies the situation is that, under the law, bailiffs are required to send customized notifications that in the case of non-payment of debt will impose restrictions on travel.However, this notice you will get only if you live according to the place of residence.Therefore, in preparation for the trip, it is important to make the point about the information on the debts at the Bailiffs of the names that you are not at the border waiting for a nasty surprise.

Why debtors are not always aware of what should be?

fastest and most efficient way to collect debts for today - is to go to court.Especially file lawsuits like credit institutions.The presence of the defendant is not required, especially Russian law allows to consider such cases unilaterally, which means that neither of the last session or the sanction imposed can not know anything.

Then, the writ of execution is transferred to the Federal Bailiff Service, and they are already set to work.Therefore, before you go on holiday to the sea or to start important cases, should learn from the debts Bailiffs of the family.Otherwise, your debt can be a serious obstacle, and in business and rest.

There are two ways to find debt.Bailiffs cause a personal visit to their service and learn about debt there is a snap.Moreover, it is in your best interest.This is the first way to know how long have bailiffs by name.But since the federal law ordered bailiffs to conduct bank executive productions in electronic form, which is more convenient and fast way to find debt to bailiffs - via the Internet.

obtain information through the Internet

To do this, visit the website of the FSSP.Left in the fifth item on the table there is a line "Information Systems", when you hover over it with the mouse opens a menu in which we are interested in the item "data bank executive productions."Go to the link.

On the next page to find the lookup table.It will have to scroll down a bit.In the table, we are interested tab "search of individuals," it is open by default.If you need to check the debts of the legal entity or entrepreneur, you can do it in the same form, just use the other tabs.

begin to look for a debt bailiffs by name.In the line "Local" choose your region.For example, Novosibirsk region.You can search by scrolling down the list with the mouse to the desired object, but will soon start to type the name in the string, and the search for substitute the name itself.Next, enter a name and his name.This is a required field.Middle name and date of birth - the fields are optional, but if you have widespread name, for example, Ivanov, better fill all fields in the table to find out the debts faster.You press the button "Search".

site will ask to take the test, and not a robot you.Here, all too simple - enter code from the image.If the characters in the picture is difficult to make out, click on the button with a picture of the speaker and listen to the characters you see in the image.Click the send button and the site will offer you a table found under the write filter or write very nice words "Search found no" evidence that the bailiffs with debt is not going to ask you.

Useful information table

If you still ended up in debtors, the table can be learned from a number of details that allow you to quickly deal with the trouble.

You can see the number of enforcement proceedings and the date when it was filed.There you will find out which body issued the executive document.You need this information if you are thinking to appeal the decision.

Here Set the subject of performance: fine of traffic police, credit payment, and so on. E., As well as the amount.From the table you can find out which department bailiffs being your enforcement and address.And finally, you can see the name and patronymic of the bailiff and phone number with area code, in which a performer can be contacted to clarify the circumstances of your question.

How to pay debts

debt How to learn from the bailiffs by the name sorted out.Now we look at how to pay for them.If you find yourself in the table found, you will see that in the column "Service" is a button "Pay".By clicking on it, you will be able to repay the debt, using a bank card, e-money or use some other payment systems (Qiwi, «Robokassa").You can also use the option "Invoice" and download on your computer filled with a receipt, which will only print and pay at the nearest branch of the bank.It is very fast and convenient.

Once you have paid the debt in any convenient way, you can expect that you record from the data bank executive productions disappear.But this will not happen immediately, but within 3-7 days from the time you made the payment.So, a week later it is advisable to use the service again and check if you still have a record of you.As long as you are sure that everything is in order, do not throw out the payment documents.Only by presenting them, you will be able to prove that paid the debt.

How long do know the names of bailiffs through a social network "Classmates»

There is application "data bank executive productions," so long have bailiffs can be found through social networks "Classmates" and "VKontakte".How to use the application?

In the social network "Classmates" go to your personal home page.In the upper right corner has a search string.Enter in her request for "data bank executive productions."The search results may be groups, but they do not interest us.The desired object is in the "Games".Another option: go to the tab "Games" in your profile and enter a query in the search box there.

press on the green label with the coat of arms, go to the application page.Social network table for you to fill with data from the profile (full name), check them out, select a region and enter your date of birth, and if everything is correct, then click the button "Submit".

As a result, you get a table, or answer "Search records found."The attached table is not as complete as the primary site, and you can not pay, you can only get the information.If you need to learn from the debts Bailiffs of the names occurs frequently, then press the "Subscribe" and the application will appear on your personal page on the tab "Games".

Learn debts through "VKontakte»

Go to their page on a social network.You can also find the application in two ways.The first way: enter the query "data bank executive productions" in the search box located on the avatar.Go for green labels with the emblem on the application page.

second way: go to the tab "Games" and enter a query in the search box there, go to the application.Name and substitute the name of the social network profile, area and date of birth have to be entered manually.Click "Submit".As a result, the search will get a table with data, or the words "Search records found."

table in the annex is shown in the abridged version, and makes it impossible to pay.If you plan to use the application on a regular basis, then click "Install".Thanks to social networks to find out the debts of families, it became quite easy.

If you do not agree with the debt

If you do not agree with the debt and are ready to defend its position, it is necessary to go to court to file a claim.This is done through the office of the court which ordered the recovery.Get information about the court in which the meeting took place, name of the judge and the other circumstances of the case may be at the police officer who conducts your enforcement, contact details are in the table with debts.

sample and fill the form you will find there in the office.After the court accepts your application, you will receive a receipt and a special number.These documents need to turn to the bailiffs, enforcement proceedings on your case will be closed, and the record is deleted from the database.