How to reduce stress: expert advice

Everyone sooner or later faced with a stressful situation.It always has been.Only our ancestors experienced significantly less stress and, in most cases, when really dramatic circumstances.The modern man, especially the residents of cities, faced with stress on a daily basis.Conflicts at work, domestic strife, the flow of information raining down on us, and the rhythm of modern life - all of these factors can cause stress.What to say about more complex situations, such as job loss, divorce, death or illness of loved ones.

Psychologists have long alarmed, in modern society, a huge number of people live in conditions of chronic stress, which adversely affects the quality of life and physical health.Insomnia and chronic fatigue have long been companions of life of many of us.A depressed after cardiovascular diseases and cancer ranked third in the list of diseases that carry away the greatest number of lives.Recently, there was even such a thing as a "stress management."What it is?As a rule, various methods offered by specialists to increase stress resistance.After all, often getting into difficult circumstances, a person is left with the problem alone.Meanwhile, psychologists give a lot of tips on how to reduce stress.

not turn in on themselves

about how to get out of stress, says a lot.Experts unanimously declare that acute stress can not be alone with the problem.In severe cases, get out of the stress alone is almost impossible.Sometimes a few interviews with a psychologist or even a 15-minute talk on the phone to help ease the reaction and change the attitude to the problem.If the situation is not urgent, and you believe that professional help is not necessary - just talk to someone from the family, pour out the soul.Psychologist, in this case, can be a friend or relative, a good friend.In any case, go to the people.

shift attention

person experiencing stress, it is difficult to learn not to think about the traumatic situation.Experts advise willpower to switch attention to something else.This may be a reflection on the vital, even domestic, problems recollection of any of pleasant moments.But it is better to re-create some mental image, for example - or seascape of a beautiful sunset.Whenever disturbing thoughts come, shift focus and consider its image.

Free yourself from experiences

Talking about how to reduce stress, it is worth mentioning about the devastating effect of negative emotions on the human body.Psychologists have long come to the conclusion that it is impossible to accumulate negative emotions.A modern metaphysics generally believed that long experienced by emotions such as anger, resentment, hatred cause physical illness.Ways to get rid of "bad" emotions much.Dancing, exercise, write poetry, sing - Throw her emotions.You can just shout from the heart alone, break a plate, finally.In Japan, for example, popular room discharge, in which the Japanese impunity beat effigies of their superiors.

Learn relaxation

way how to relieve stress, there are many.But they certainly include relaxation.Try to learn muscle relaxation, which involves alternately tensing and relaxing muscles.It is better to deal with every day in the quiet calm music.You can buy a CD with auto-training.Will any meditation techniques.It is important to practice regularly, for at least 1-2 months, and the results will not keep you waiting.It helps to relax and aromatherapy.With oil burner can be conducted sessions at home.Useful as a bath with sea salt and aromatic oils.

Help others

How to survive the stress, if it is delayed?It is believed that it is easier to go through the trouble to help others.In your community there are always people who need help.This may be good advice, or any particular matter.Maybe someone needs to be just listened.If possible, do some charity - help children, the elderly, or even animals.You can just feed the birds or take custody of the homeless animals.It is noticed when we help others, we ourselves feel better.

As you can see, ways to reduce stress are many.However, they are good at if the situation allows to cope with the problem alone.In difficult cases, and prolonged stress, you need to see a specialist.