To whom will the future look like a child?

To whom will the future look like a child?What will your child's eyes - her mother's or father's?And the hair?And ears? .. Is it even possible to predict how it will look unborn heir?

boy or a girl?

Who will be born - a boy or a girl depends on his father.Specifically, what kind of his sperm to fertilize an egg.In half of the sperm contains X-chromosome, its merging with the egg leads to the birth of a girl;in the other half - Y-chromosome is programmed appearance of the boy.

boys is born a little more - obviously, because they are more fragile and less resistant to diseases.

vulnerability of boys, by the way, is also associated with a Y-chromosome.The girl, when she received some damaged gene in the X-chromosome from one parent, its effect is offset by a healthy gene from the other X-chromosome.The boys are not duplicated genes, so the nature and creates them as if with a margin.

But the preponderance of so insignificant that we have not sinned against the truth if we say: each of us has an equal chance to get to the heirs of a son or daughter.

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gray or brown?

We were taught in school that the genes are weak - recessive and dominant.The blue-eyed gene - weak (recessive);brown-eyed gene - a strong, dominant.If a child receives the gene from one parent, blue-eyed, but on the other - brown-eyed, his eyes are brown.Just as a guess what the gene will give each of the parents, if they have the genes for two?

standard scheme of succession is as follows: for example, both parents with brown eyes, but carry the gene, blue-eyed.So this pair of 3 out of 4 chance to have a brown-eyed child and only one chance - eyed.

If you follow this procedure, from blue-eyed parents can never turn brown-eyed children.After all, every one of them carries the recessive genes.But geneticists know that it is not.

Very, very rare blue-eyed parents still babies are born with brown eyes.

explanation that turns out to be for any indication, we are not responsible for one gene from each parent, as previously thought, scientists, and a group of genes.Sometimes a single gene responsible for multiple functions.That is responsible for eye color are a number of genes that are combined each time in a different way.

And yet the simplest pattern of eye color can be traced.Parents with black-black eyes, blue-eyed children have nowhere to wait.Holders of brown, walnut and honey eyes may well be blue-eyed children, but often still turn brown-eyed.Gray-eyed and blue-eyed couples are more likely to get the same kids.

DIRECT or curly?

blond hair - a recessive trait, too.If mom and dad blond, and the kid will belobrysenky.And if one of the parents with the dark hair and the other with light hair heir will be dark or medium shades of hair color between mom and dad.Just keep in mind that all the descendants of the Eastern Slavs in early childhood are svetlenkie and only 10-12 years in their hair acquire the shade that remains until the appearance of gray hair.

Curly - the dominant feature.If at least one parent curly hair, the child is likely to also be in curls or even with wavy hair.

nosed or long-eared?

With high probability the kid can get a dimple on his chin, if it is his mom or dad, and big ears of a parent.Some geneticists believe that also dominate the genes responsible for the shape of a big nose with a hump.

Scientists generally noticed that some apparent released feature appearance is often transmitted in the family from generation to generation.A typical example - the face of the Habsburgs: surviving on formal portraits of Emperor Maximilian, Maria Theresa of Austria, Alfonso XII of Spain is clearly visible the same narrow, protruding lower jaw and pendulous lower lip.

likely to get children and korotkopalost one parent (very short phalanx of fingers), and a sixth finger, if present at mom or dad.

high or low?

But the growth of a child is difficult to predict.Already very strong in this case the influence of the environment: how to eat, what ill ... If we assume that all will be well, parents have high child, most likely, too vymahal.

Generally, child stops on the average growth of between mom and dad.But if the baby is good to eat as a child, a lot of moves required hours sleep and eat right, he has a chance to grow low parents.


fact, more boys are like mothers.They inherit only one X-chromosome from the mother, and this chromosome is rich in genes corresponding to the exterior: the shape of eyebrows, shape of the face, skin color ...

In girls, the situation is different.They get one X-chromosome from the mother, one from dad, so with equal probability may resemble both parents.

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