An example of good works and their role in human life

Everyone knows what a "good deed."This action, which brings some benefit is not the man himself, but his brother.Thus, altruism serves as a measure of moral and ethical person.If a person lives mainly for others and quite a bit for themselves, society thinks that is a good man - kind.

This article will explore the concept of "good work", and as the material will be brought examples of good deeds, the most common.Those people are constantly met.But first, to consider the concept of "good" and "evil."

Good and evil

Perhaps what is written here, a kind of common place, but this must be said: "good" and "evil" - a relative term.It all depends on the system of values ​​that takes people.Believers is not a relative category, and the absolute and yet very specific: that accompanies the knowledge of God - well, and that contributes to alienate man from God - bad.You do not have any points of view.And for good answers, God and evil - the man himself.Very comfortably.But in fact, the place of God as the coordinate system that defines human behavior can be put almost any phenomenon of the world, such as pleasure - so people get-hedonists.They have in place good and evil, pleasure and pain, respectively.

From this it follows that the understanding of good and evil can be individually, but remains unchanged clear conviction that between good and evil there is a clear boundary that you do not need to move.True, it is still an example of good works, each always his.That is a contradiction in the assessment and gives rise to endless human conflicts.It turns funny, and sad: the poor arises not because of the absolute evil that reigns in the world, but because of different understandings of the good that each person individually.To prove this, we must take the most trivial examples of good deeds, or rather, their results that a person sees or hears every day: life and death, pleasure and pain, love and hate.

Life and Death

When anyone looks at life from a bird's-eye view, he did not hesitate to say that life - is good, but when it comes to specific decisions, while the prospect of change.For example, a person is seriously ill, he did not help the medicine.What is his life - evil or good?The question that was embodied in the issue of euthanasia.From this logically flows that good works, their examples will be treated depending on the decision of an ethical dilemma.

Pleasure and pain

Everyone knows what pleasure - it is good, and suffering - is evil.With this thought in mind, almost all live in modern humans.But whether it is true?Does this belief in the magical land of "good works"?Life examples show that not always.Pleasure and pain - a seasoning without which life would be fresh.But everyone knows what happens if you do not comply with the dosage.

us turn to specific examples.The parent wants to facilitate your child's life and give him the money just so (example of good deeds).Noble?Yes.It is useful to whether this child?No.Why is that?Because the easy money obtained without difficulty, promising future suffering and moral decay, of course, if such help will be systematic.Magically transforms the pleasure of the child (or mutated) in suffering has not yet come.

Love and hate (dislike)

It would be extremely unfortunate for humanity if the nature of his suddenly hated his whole world soul.On Earth began to disasters and other troubles.But the nature (or God) is love of humanity, and it is a prime example of good things that people have in front of you at the moment.

Parental love - is good or evil?

When a person is born - it is almost always a joy for parents.First of all, the mother surrounds the newcomer to the world of vast and inexhaustible care.And now attention a question: maternal care - is an example of good works?Of course!But sometimes parents care becomes a stranglehold, baby shower, its separate impulses.Because the parents (mother or father) has its own plans for the future daughter or son.

There are women (and men) who beat their children, venting on them the evil of a failed life, without ceasing to love them at the same time.

Some women give birth alone and surrounded by only the joy of his life unsupervised care, the latter resulting in a 90% chance to break the child's life.Because such mothers are not able to let go of their children to independent life."Cord gap" in this case involves pain or to one side or the other.

Looking at all this, and I want to say in the words of Kurt Vonnegut (American writer - a classic of the XX century): "Love me a little smaller, but treat me as a human."

tragic love - it is bad or is it good?

Now another case: boy and girl love each other, and everything is fine.But then something breaks, throwing the boy and girl, or vice versa.Abandoned frustrated people consider "love for life" as the inescapable tragedy.Less persistent young people (both girls and boys) prefer to go into the arms of death, without waiting for developments.That's the love of good is transformed into evil.These are good things, examples of their paradoxical.

Lesson MABulgakov

It seems that all of these examples, it is clear that good and evil - the ontological essence, interconnected.Recall the idea of ​​Woland on earth without a trace.It is said in one advertisement, instead of thousands of words.And numerous examples of good deeds of people, drawn from life, it is confirmed.Every act in itself contains both light and shadow, and night and day.