How to cook lamb shoulder, baked in the oven

Shovel - is, in fact, the front leg of lamb, which is the quality of the meat is ideally suited for boiling, sautéing and frying and baking entirely in kind.These options are best suited to maximize meat could reveal their flavor.Quite simply preparing lamb shoulder, baked in the oven.The meat turns juicy, very tender and easily behind the bone.Make a masterpiece of a variety of ways.

lamb and spices force

For starters, you can try an easy option that does not require much effort.Throughout most of the work must comply with specially selected spices.In this case, you can use the products of the African NOMU.These spices produced in South Africa and give the finished product a little sharpness, savory flavor and a completely unique smell.To work need a blade bar (best lamb), coarse salt, 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, freshly ground black pepper, a couple of sprigs of rosemary and spices NOMU.

A simple process is as follows:

  1. oil pour into a bowl.Add to seasoning with pepper, mix well and set aside.
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  3. meat well with salt, and then from all sides smear prepared fragrant mixture.
  4. piece of lamb lay on a baking sheet, and place it on top of the rosemary sprigs.
  5. Baking cover tightly with foil to the meat well baked through, and send it in the oven, preheated to 200-210 degrees, minutes 20. Then reduce temperature to 180 degrees and continue to cook for another half hour.

lamb shoulder, baked in the oven in this way, it turns out very tasty.The dish looks spectacular on the table and is perfect for the holiday menu.

Lamb in a beautiful sleeve

For quick and more convenient cooking there are a number of special adaptations.For example, the sleeve for baking allows you to significantly reduce the time spent in the oven products.This technique is often used for culinary preparation of meat dishes.So, lamb shoulder, baked in the oven with the help of a sleeve, will be ready in just a 1 ½ hours.You need the following products: 0.8 kilograms of lamb (shoulder), 3 tablespoons vegetable oil, a small head of garlic, a bunch of fresh mint, a little pepper and salt.

prepared everything literally in several steps:

  1. In a separate small bowl, combine together the butter, crushed garlic, chopped mint, pepper and salt.
  2. resulting mixture smear the meat, put it in the sleeve and send it in the oven for one hour at 180 degrees.Then make a cut on his sleeve and leave the meat dopekat more minutes 30. This is to ensure that characteristic formed on the surface of the crust.

Now lamb shoulder, baked in the oven is ready.It can be easily spread on a dish, decorate and serve.

magic herbs

for a celebratory dinner or any other celebration is ideal as a main meat dish of lamb shoulder blade.Recipes of cooking can be very different.Do not forget that the lamb itself has a characteristic odor.But in the process of preparing it is easy to kill with the help of specially selected spices.For this perfect pepper, rosemary, ginger, marjoram or thyme.One embodiment provides for the preparation of the blades of the following products: 1 whole lamb shoulder blade half a cup of any vegetable oil, 2 cloves of garlic, a bunch of rosemary, 35 grams of red and ground allspice 5 grams, 10 grams of salt and bay leaf.

Preparation begins with meat:

  1. mutton slightly nadrubit of bone (without dividing portions) into several parts.
  2. prepared a special marinade by mixing oil with pepper and garlic.They smear the meat and put it in the fridge for a day.
  3. The next day, add salt, add the herbs and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 90 minutes.What meat is not dry, it must be periodically watered juice, which was formed during roasting, or wine.

turns out very tender and delicious taste of lamb shoulder blade.Recipes of cooking in the oven usually differ selected spices or time spent in pre-deployment training products.

original version

good specialist can teach you how to cook lamb shoulder blade, using the same starting materials (meat, garlic, hot pepper, salt, oil and seasonings).It takes only an additional facility for grilling and 1 lemon.The initial stage of the process is virtually identical to the known variants.It is necessary to prepare a marinade of the starting components (except salt).It must be used later.The aromatic mixture of a piece of lamb should lie at least 6 hours.You can leave it in the refrigerator in such a state at night.The next day will need to get the meat and give it a bit to warm up to room temperature.And during this time should prepare a BBQ.Coal should be sufficiently warmed up to the meat could well roasted.Then each piece of lamb with salt and should be spread out on a wire rack.Fried meat is usually about 30 minutes.It is necessary to constantly monitor the cooking process.If the meat is very fat, the fat melted droplets may fall onto the coals.Do not allow open flames in the grill.For this handy bottle must always be water.The finished meat can immediately lay on plates and serve the guests.As a side dish fit any herbs and vegetables.

Secrets baking

Any hostess always want to impress your friends with your culinary skills.This will help the lamb in foil blade.The dish looks very impressive on the table and taste worthy of the highest praise.And only need to prepare the blade of lamb, salt, 100 grams of mustard and seasoning (basil, celery, cloves, oregano).

need Cooking follows:

  1. meat thoroughly rub seasoning on top and coat with mustard.Mustard in this case acts as a marinade.In this state, a piece of lamb should lie down for 20 minutes this time will be enough to prepare the meat for further heat treatment.
  2. Then the blade must be tightly wrapped in foil and put in the oven for 1 hour.If the temperature is less than 180 degrees, it is possible to increase the time for 30-40 minutes.

Now, the finished product remains only to put on a platter, sprinkle with a little lemon juice and serve.Side dish can be prepared separately or limited fresh garden greens.