How to cook soup from carp

Fish soup - a favorite dish is not only fishermen.He is willing to all who like sea and river inhabitants.However, if the fishermen are preparing a soup of all that is found in the surrounding waters, the people far from the sacraments of treatment with a fishing rod, we have to resort to store stocks the shelves.And in this case one of the best solutions would be the ear of carp - fish not too skinny, not very expensive and quite large.

Classical ear of carp

Fish soup is ready in our latitudes since time immemorial.Therefore, in the conventional design it did not contain potatoes.However, if the first you feel deficient without favorite vegetable recipe can enter him.Shelled and gutted fish is cut into large pieces, but once in the water is not laid - at first there are roots.In boiling water fall onions, carrots and parsley root - peeled and washed, but not cut.If you choose a potato option, along with roots and placed four whole potatoes.As vegetables are tender they are extracted and placed in a broth of fish pieces.While carp cooked, boiled carrot cut into slices and potatoes - diced.After 20 minutes, when the fish is almost ready, it is poured a glass of vodka, add the vegetables, pepper, salt and bay leaf (do not forget to remove it when the ear is ready).It is ready ear of carp flavored with fresh herbs and serve.

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ear millet

Many fishermen and their fans a production version of the classic fish soup called.Most of the "field" recipes without this cereal is complete.To get a delicious soup from carp with millet, first boiled fish - three-quarters of a liter of soup enough kilogram of fillets or pieces of whole carcasses.At the carp placed in boiling water peeled onion and bell pepper.After half an hour of cooking fish and onions are pulled out, the bulb is thrown, and carp disassembled into medium-sized pieces.In broth put diced potatoes three, half a cup of cereal and zazharki of finely chopped carrots and one bulb.Ear of the carp is considered finished when the potatoes are cooked.Next soup flavored with spices and salted fish.Served with greens.

Soup with semolina

The procedure is as follows.First, in two liters of boiling water laid three sliced ​​potatoes.After repeated ear boiling future of carp to add some salt.In a saucepan placed pieces of fish (for this recipe it takes quite a lot, more than 0.5 kg), carrot slices, whole onion and bell pepper strips.Wait until the ear of carp boil, add seasonings and pour semolina (one tablespoon to two, depending on the preferred thickness).The pan is covered tightly with a lid and left to languish on the quarter hour.Do not forget to sprinkle the soup plates greens!

Fish soup to nuts

most "respectable" options always soup cooked in two stages: first, prepare a decoction of small fish or fish residues, and then just add good pieces.In this ancient precepts and preparing soup from carp.The recipe instructs to cut half a kilogram of fish and separate the fins, tail and head for the primordial soup.After boiling broth seasoned with pepper and bay leaf and simmer for another quarter hour.He then decanted, boiled fish with spices leave residues in the trash and in the boiling broth throw big shredded parsley and onion.Together with them and placed large pieces of carp.With these ingredients, the soup is cooked about the third hour.That is almost ready, and your ears from the carp!The recipe involves adding another half a cup of walnuts, which have previously necessary to roast, grind and pour in the soup is almost ready.A minute can be turned off.To spice in a pot pressed lemon.If you want to decorate the dish, cut the lemon slices, arrange on plates and sprinkle with green ear.But in this case, the acidity will be much weaker.