Date of issue of shares, the types of the Central Bank

action - is security.It enshrines the right of the owner to a specific part of the company profits as dividends, allows you to participate in the management of stock, claim the part of the property in case of liquidation of the organization.

During the creation of the company shares are distributed between its founders (shareholders).Register

share issue by the Federal Service for the Regulation of Financial Markets.Joint-stock company must apply for registration not later than thirty days from the date of registration of the joint-stock company.

Many believe that the registration of shares is not mandatory and it applies only to the Company.But it is not.According to the law the registration of securities (securities) is carried out without fail.

Legal entities and individuals have the legal right to conduct emissions.This should be carried out registration of securities issue.

The new release of the Central Bank is to raise additional funds.Proceeds are made under the terms of the loan, thereby increasing the share capital of the issuer.The procedure is performed according to the rules defined by legislation of the Russian Federation.This action may take place in shares.

Regardless of the issue of shares (documentary and non-documentary), they are emission CB issuance and registration of securities shall be made mandatory.

legislation obliges them to register all types of stock, regardless of the size of the share capital, the formation of species and the number of founders.

Register shares includes:

  • collect documentation, which is necessary for registration of shares;

  • filing and obtaining the necessary documents ROFSF.

When registration is required to pay the state fee.This amount will depend on the method of placement of the Central Bank.Terms of registration of the issue is 45 days and above.It should be noted that registration for any type of stock will take time, a lot more and the amount of the costs will be much higher.In this case, the main difficulty is to divide the total share capital by the amount of securities, each of which has its own value.

Register shares can be broken down into several stages.

The first stage is the most important.It requires in-depth study of the market, determining the size of the new issue, and also select the method for placing the Central Bank and to print the forms themselves.

At the second stage the transition itself from the Central Bank to the holder of the issuer.This will be a process of accommodation, which has a number of ways:

1. When placing a certain number of buyers (which is determined in advance) the sale takes place without a contract of sale.Allocation of shares may take place in the establishment of a joint-stock company among shareholders (bonus issue).

2. When you declare a public subscription of securities (possible closed and open form).

3. The process of conversion.It is one kind of the Central Bank to be exchanged for other conditions specified in advance.

placement may take place in all three methods.Date of issue of shares takes place without fail.

Securities issued registered and bearer, in documentary and non-documentary form.Their placement at the holders for the first time forms the primary market of securities.The following sales form the secondary securities market.