Is it possible during menstruation do fitness, or better to wait?

period critical days every girl and woman is held individually.Very relevant is the question of whether it is possible during menstruation do fitness.For those who these days are in a particularly difficult, the answer is quite obvious.Nausea, abdominal pain and spasms of the head, general malaise, apathy and irritability dismiss any thoughts about the next workout.But what about those who have these symptoms are not observed, and everything was okay.As a rule, girls are guided precisely on health.However, not all so simple.

Can fitness during menstruation?The answer to this question is best to check with a gynecologist.That he knows all the features of your body and be able to correctly describe the picture.However, there are some key points to be aware of when to be training, but critical days in full swing.

can not

So why during menstruation can not be engaged in fitness, according to many experts.The fact is that during this period in a woman undergoing serious processes related primarily h

ormonal.Also during menstruation blood composition is changed in a power loss of its amount, e.g., decreased hemoglobin.This could affect health.During training can occur quite unwell, until he lost consciousness.

why girls who can not tolerate such a period of active exercise in the critical days should be abandoned.You should also be careful of those with menstruation is accompanied by copious.Load intensity may increase blood loss that can lead to negative consequences for health.You must first of all examine the blood clotting.If the level is low enough, the fitness classes during menstruation to be delayed.

can do it, but certain sports

For girls who are going through difficult period of menstruation, the best way in this period is not completely abandon physical exercise, but only to adjust its intensity.For example, going to the gym for strength training is better to replace pilates or yoga.If the most difficult is the first day of menstruation, it should just spend more quietly.Coaching should be replaced by walking outdoors.

In the critical days is very important to keep drinking regime.As a disadvantage, and an overabundance of body fluids can worsen health.From power and intense cardio these days should be abandoned.So whether it is possible during menstruation do fitness?Yes.The best option to load those days - is stretching, Pilates, yoga, dance, exercise on top of a group of muscles.

not only possible, but necessary

Many women are surprised to hear at the doctor-gynecologist, it is possible to go to a fitness during menstruation.To this there is a very simple and logical explanation.The fact that the stagnation of blood in the organism, including in the pelvis, the pain increases, and prevents the normal secretions in the right quantity.To avoid deterioration of health by training is not necessary to completely give up.

desirable only to reduce their intensity and replace some of them.For example, if scheduled to be bicycle training, then it is better to prefer to work through the complex upper torso.You also need to deal with abdominal exercises.It is better to replace a banner or any other convenient type of load for a given period.It is also not convenient to engage in the critical days of swimming, although many of these are saved only to obtain maximum relaxation.

can do it, but after consulting a doctor

Can menstruating do fitness?This question has to take care of those girls who have any abnormalities in the pelvic organs.This can be seen only from the attending gynecologist.All other load recommended medium and low intensity - depending on the state of health.

also for the effectiveness of training is very important endurance.In the critical days of its level is slightly reduced, so the rate of employment should be reduced in any way.Physical activity is essential during menstruation, since the muscle decreases the concentration of the hormone cortisol, which has considerable impact on pain and on the psycho-emotional state.

Conclusion In summary, again should focus on the question of whether it is possible during menstruation do fitness.If there is no medical evidence, and have the strength and desire, then even necessary.So you can safely go to the gym and indulge in the struggle for the perfect body.Indeed, in this case the main thing - consistency.It is not necessary to interrupt the path to perfection for any inconvenience.