Where and how to find a double, a "stand-in"?

Recently, global information space was filled with unimaginable amount of photos.Puhlogubye slender girl tanned guys - it seems that Angelina Jolie is not the only one, and Brad Pitt have cloned several times.Of course, some people are like, and we ourselves sometimes thinking: maybe we have a resemblance to someone from the celebrities?How to find a double, a "stand-in"?

Double - this is not a twin

He is not your relative, but it bears a striking resemblance to you in facial features, eye color, and even the hair!Yes, only a few managed to find out that they have someone like - when someone from the others exclaimed in surprise, taking you to another.I remember the comical situation from the movie "The Diamond Arm" when the hero appeared Nikulin, although unaware of it, some double Lyolik from Kolyma.

As probably everyone wondering how to find his double, but without the tiresome travel the world in search of "almost self" and scrutiny of each person encountered.Various TV shows with a team of make-up artists convinced us that it is possible to make a person wonder like any other, but that's why they're professionals.Ordinary people just interested in the question of how to find a double, a make-up artist have.In addition, it turns out make-up is no longer a real double!

We are looking for solutions

To everyone's delight, we have the Internet, where caring and enterprising people take the time to develop a variety of services definition similar to each other people.How to find your twin with them?These are special applications in social networks, where after you upload your own photo system will find a lot of people like you.It will be regular users, who are just like you previously could inquire yourself and others, if they have a double.Do you want to communicate?Maybe you're like not only features, but also the fate, character and temperament?

And suddenly you're like most ....

that enough?Excites the idea: "What if I can be a substitute of a very famous person?"At the time, Keira Knightley, now the top echelon of Hollywood actress, was a simple understudy Natalie Portman.And how many politicians twins walking on Red Square!They sign autographs and take pictures with enthusiastic passers-by willing to stand arm in arm with Brezhnev or Peter the Great.Come to the aid of numerous programs and websites to find his double on the photo.The computer will do everything for the mind of man.You need only pick up a photograph, which clearly show the face and large, download a form on the site, and after a few minutes of waiting, it will give similar versions of the user Stars!

site useful and not very

Network resources work on the principle of finding similar features, such as the face and other parts of the image.Upload a photo, it should be noted eye color, sex.It may be more questions.As a result, several options will be very well-known people, which, according to a system similar to the questioner.Beware of employment tightens imperceptibly can fly very long time!Although to see myself from the outside it is sometimes very useful.And who knows, perhaps there is an incentive for self-improvement or idea for inspiration on how to change the image.Because now there is every way - a mirror, the familiar and resources on recruiting celebrities!

course, is to pay attention to the search of the resource itself, as the Internet was flooded sites requiring sending SMS or distribute malicious links.If you have the desire and time, it is possible to find all the stars, similar to someone, a relative or neighbor, girlfriend or wife.

Remarkably, if the article has shed some light on a very similar questions about people, why, where, how to find a twin of his life "understudy" ... We hope the information was useful to you.