Plaque - a tribute to the ancestors

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through the streets of towns and cities, can be seen in the homes of original works of art representing the tablature and images.After reading them, you can learn a lot about the history of the city and the lives of famous people.These boards are called memorial.What are they and why do we need?

What is plaque?

memorial plate is architectural and sculptural works that perpetuate the memory of historical events and outstanding personalities.It is intended for installation on building facades and is made of durable materials (metal, stone, bronze or iron alloy).Artistic reflection of events performed by a text lokonichnoy inscriptions.The composition of the memorial plaque can also be supplemented with sculptural portrait image, or other decorative elements.

story of plaques

«progenitors" plaques were writing graffiti on the walls of caves, rocks or tombstones.Some of them still exist and reflect the emergence of world society.The first commemorative plaques on the houses appeared in the XVIII century, after the victory in the 1812 war.First, they served to indicate the water level during floods.Later on the walls of the Kazan Cathedral immortalized the name of AP Voronikhin, and in late May 1880 in the street sink 12 was established plaque in memory of Pushkin.Only in June 1890 at a meeting of the City Council had decided to launch the installation, and other commemorative plaques.Thus began their ubiquity.

criteria for the installation of a memorial plaque

Each plaque is set for a reason, which pleases.To begin with a special committee determines the significance of the event, which takes place after the opening of the monument.If it illuminates the merits of a person, then all the achievements should be officially recognized and confirmed by the archival and / or award documents.

installation of a memorial plaque is not earlier than ten years after the death of a person or an accomplished award event.Restrictions on installation time are removed, if perpetuated persons awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor Hero of the Soviet Union, the Honorary Citizen of the city, and so on.. Sometimes the terms of the commission's decision may be reduced.However, the minimum period is still two years.

usually within the boundaries of one city installed a plaque showing the memory of a person.It can be a place of work, place of residence or other significant places that are associated with the life and human activities.There are times when the memory of man has perpetuated in the name of a street or square, a monument or a bust, then the board must not be installed.Again, according to the commission's decision specifies exceptions to the importance of taking into account merit and events.

should know that plaque can not be on the spectacular buildings, mass assignment (museum, theater, gallery, concert hall, the House of Culture).Control over the safety board and care exercised by a territorial office of the Inspector of housing and policing.It is a strict count of commemorative plaques, even those that are lost over time or require restoration.

What could say the inscription on the plaque?

commemorative plaques may allocate some space in a particular city or testify about the events that occurred in the past.They are not only perpetuate any facts or reach people.There are special types of plaques, which caused generalized statements such as, "In this house lived a veteran of the Second World War.Honor and glory to him! »

more boards are installed on the" special case. "They usually occur on the initiative of the local authorities and often do not carry any meaning, for example: "Here in 1904 drove Nicholas II».

special tradition is considered the opening of the memorial plaque with the image of the coat of arms or emblem of the city.Such commemorative relics began to be created in the Middle Ages, when people worshiped chivalrous and noble dynasty.In modern society, this plaque is a rarity.

Inauguration commemorative plaques

Each plaque is considered a monument of painting, so the process of opening, usually a solemn and symbolic.Usually such actions taken to invite not only members of the bureaucracy, but also artists and persons connected with the event, which is perpetuated.Present people have a kind of tribute, attached to history and pass on their traditions to future generations.Since the opening of the monument is often covered by the press.