Do all women need men? ..

in the minds of many mothers, fathers and daughters sitting firmly convinced that sooner or later a woman must come to marriage and motherhood.She finds a man who will now take care of her, no matter what kind of education and some degree of independence a woman has had at the time.The main aim is the conquest of a suitable man.

only position where women attach great importance, is called a wife.They give a sacrifice even their own names, despite the fact that it does not have the right to do so.And even those women who have made significant progress in their profession, feel much more confident if they have a permanent partner.Without men own success does not seem so important to them.

Occupation wife requires special education.No, in this case does not need to cram different sciences and improve their skills.But we need to develop a willingness to obey, to serve, to be ready to do dirty work for others, to become eternal second fiddle, and regard it as a happy and successful current life."Yes - they are usually people - bright and bold girls all admire.But ... marry innocent, obedient and humble. "

Women learn, work independently, traveling alone, in a word, act on the basis of their interests.But exactly as long as the do not come in strong relationships with men and become mothers.

first and family life, they still believe that they can maintain their freedom.But over time, the old familiar family scheme subordinate to.Although women are fighting for equal sharing of domestic work, do they feel more competent in the conduct of life and the upbringing of children.Despite the fact that today many men removes yards and washing stairs, raising children and preparing food, women still recognize their greater knowledge of the subject.If you want to invite a nanny, a woman is taken to organize it herself, she is looking for helpers at home.If the husband goes shopping, his wife is a list of necessities.But when it comes to making important decisions, such as buying a car or moving to a new apartment, all he decides.

imagine the steps by which you can attach to your partner's equal responsibility for your overall life.For example, you give it a list of phone numbers of nurses and ask them to ring and arrange a meeting with them.Even while you're in a strange feel, remind themselves and to him that he wants to hire a nanny.You create a shopping list with him as many times as needed in order to begin to delve into the swing of things, and could then do it yourself.

now try to realize your responsibility to take serious, meaningful solutions.For example, make a list of their criteria when buying a car and ask your partner to choose two or three models.Imagine that you ask him to move to another city, because there you are offered a more interesting job.Explain to him your reasons.

You have to learn to respect themselves.Feeling your self-worth should not depend on whether you are married or not.Only those who believe in myself, can convince others.

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