Positive emotions, their cause

Positive emotions - the human condition, which bring positive feelings.Everyone knows that such an expectation of success, the feeling of happiness, satisfaction and trust.All once in my life experienced love, compassion.

For what nature has bestowed the gift of humanity - the ability to experience positive emotions?They allow you to feel happy and energetic.Such state help people achieve their goals and make life happier and improve relationships with others.

How to cause positive emotions, if you have a bad mood?Use the tips below.

- Tune in soon after waking up in the positive.Tell yourself: "Today is a beautiful day.I radiate a smile, kindness and happiness. "

- If you feel that suddenly began to find blues, close your eyes and imagine how to make one of your dreams come true.

- When you feel anger, frustration and other negative emotions, positive read a book, look at comedy, including a fun song.

- Remember that negative thoughts come to mind more easily and get rid of them is difficult.Therefore, as soon as they start to overpower you immediately switch to happy memories.

- Use positive affirmations - affirmations.They can easily be found in books by writers such as: Pravdina N., L. Hay, etc.Affirmations have a huge number of sites on the following topics: spirituality, psychology, etc.They can come up with yourself.For example, "Luck is with me always," "Fortune always helps me," "Success for me" and others.

- If you do during the day have to deal with unpleasant people, try to talk with them to fill themselves sense of understanding, warmth.You gradually change the attitude of those who you unattractive.

- Always avoid contact with negative people.Strive to talk with the leaders of rich.They always positive emotions and thoughts.

- Even if you have developed an unpleasant life situation, go to the mirror, smile through force.Tell yourself: "All the changes only for the better."And remember, that any of the problems there is, and you will find it.

- Stop watching the news, horror, thrillers, crime.They fill you with negative thoughts.Seen situation you will remember for a long time, and lure in their lives related problems and troubles.

- Positive emotions create yoga, qigong.Practice meditation, chant mantras, study of feng shui.Oriental art originally created to encourage inner peace and surround the human abundance, goodness and joy.

- Program itself before retiring for a good rest.This practice will help relaxation.First, focus on the fingers of his right foot, relax them, then the foot, lower leg, thigh, etc.Alternately attention move through the legs, arms.Then relax the body, neck and head.As a result, you will no longer feel your body, feel the lightness and freedom.At these moments, imagine something pleasant and gradually fall asleep.All night the subconscious will work for the fulfillment of your desires.And in the morning you wake up in a good mood.

So, what are the emotions?Positive and negative.The first simplify life and create successful situation and help avoid many problems and disagreements.Negative emotions - this is the way to depression and melancholy.They make life difficult scandals despondency.And when a person is under their influence, the world seems gray and hateful.Change the inner feelings by using the methods described above, and your life will be bright, and good luck will accompany you forever.Each day will enjoy new experiences and pleasant change.