If he left you: Measures to "cure" a broken heart

We do not want to be in this situation, although objectively recognize that, most likely, each of us at least once in their lives visited her.He threw you, suddenly and violently.Or, maybe you have long suspected that he would do so, but hoped he would change his mind.

It is very painful and have to learn again to live, enjoy life and stop loving him and suffer for it.The task is not easy, of course.But nothing is impossible!

- Think why everything turned out the way things are.

Try to turn off the emotions, turn your head and think it all tragically?It was a future for your relationship?Why did he do?Perhaps we should thank him for what he gave you a chance to start again?

- Allow yourself plenty to cry.

otbolet Let your heart and your eyes - all weep tears.I do not dwell on this point, but do not try to discreetly "run" it.Do not gloss over the sadness and the pain, otherwise they will not let you live in peace and quiet in the future to build a new relationship.

- do not communicate with him.

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Well, that did not communicate.At least for a while.We know you want to see and hear him, but it will only complicate your situation and bring unnecessary pain and suffering.As the saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind."

- focus on yourself.

This is the best time to recall the last of his beloved.All kinds of SPA, image change, update clothes, fitness - in short, everything you put off for so long!Enjoy life, you now just need it!

- Put yourself new goals.

Or focus on achieving old.For example, you wanted to be his wife and mother of his children?It's time to think about a career in which you have long put a cross!A can of traveling to distant lands and exotic resorts!

- Start again meet with the men.

course, not immediately.But after going through all the steps that we have described above, you yourself will understand that is ready to open a new relationship with a new man.Yes, you have experienced the pain, but it only proves that you deserve happiness and love!

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