Bulgarian squats.

Today, everyone wants to look slim.Pumped body in fashion.Many people attend gyms, which spend a lot of time.The result, of course.Some fitness centers have trainers to help you lose weight visitors.A huge amount of exercise helps to pump up the necessary muscles.Sometimes they are even very unusual.Result after the start of classes in the hall can occur after 1 month.However, apart from training is necessary to maintain a proper diet that would help reduce the amount of fat and increase muscle mass.Of course, for men and women exercise more often different.

But everything depends on the purpose.If a person wants to lose weight, then it is better to engage in running, jumping and so on.Anyone who wants to build muscle, strength training is best suited.One example is the bodybuilders who performed in the halls of the large amount of time doing the pump body.A photo model, in contrast, try to look slim.Once the weight is gone, many try to slightly increase muscle, mostly on the buttocks or abdomen.

General exercises

But there are universal exercises that can be used during all training.One of them - Bulgarian squats.Most of the name of nothing says.However, exercise is very good.It can be called one of the varieties of squats with a load.And the technique of generally similar.The only difference is that the Bulgarian squats performed while standing on one leg.Second, though indirectly involved, but only to maintain balance.It seems that the exercise is quite easy, but keep in place is difficult, especially at first.

Do I have to?

Athletes still argue whether such an option squats.On the one hand, reducing the load on the spine.On the other, a rather complicated technique.In this regard, Bulgarian squats very rarely used.For their proper implementation requires expertise that comes only with time.Most people think that it is easier to use normal squats.

Working muscles

As already mentioned, the Bulgarian squats on one leg identical to normal.Therefore the muscles that are used in the performance, the same.Basically they are on the thighs and buttocks.In addition, the press and trains the muscles of the body stabilizers.Most Bulgarian perform squats with dumbbells, which increases the load on the above and some others located mainly in the hands of the muscles.Therefore, it is very well developed forearms.

original exercise

Most people who go to gyms, unaware of the Bulgarian squat.Not a very popular exercise in the meantime can be useful to many.It is well developed muscle above.But why do you need to exercise to lose analogue?

Bulgarian squats better not to include a set of exercises for beginners.Immature muscle (largely concerned regulators) may be affected by such loads.It is worth paying attention to what is best to start an exercise without dumbbells.So it is possible to understand whether the body is able to withstand a load greater than its own weight.Mainly Bulgarian squats performed bodybuilders and those who have long walks in the fitness center.Muscles have been more or less firmly established and able to withstand such loads.Bulgarian squats introduce diversity into the training program.


this exercise, it is best to start as soon as squats.Thus, athletes are even more strain on the muscles of the legs.Bulgarian squats suitable for bulking and drying.The muscles in this exercise develops a deep and well.Bulgarian split squats do not need to increase the weight of the dumbbell.It would be better if you just do more of.When taking heavy shells is likely to fall.Partly because of this exercise is unpopular.And it is most commonly used during the development of the relief.


Very good effect on some muscle Bulgarian squats.Technique their implementation difficult.As shipping usually take dumbbells, although you can post.But the second option is dangerous because there is a big chance of losing your balance.Therefore continue to be considered by the second method.

First we need to get up so that was behind the bench.Then, one leg bent at the knee, you need to put on the surface.Sock should rest against the bench, so it's easier to keep your balance.The second leg should be slightly ahead of supply rectified body for the same purpose.

After that you need to sit down smoothly until the thigh is the leg that is on the floor, was not parallel to the surface of the bench.Therefore, the leg bent at the knee will almost sex.It is important that the housing remain straight and vertical as possible.After a delay is necessary as smoothly up.Repeat several times needed for each leg.


In no case can not take a lot of weight.Bulgarian squat on one leg requires special attention to the projectile.Extremely easy to lose your balance, especially over the bar.The best option 8-15 repetitions.Squat is necessary smoothly, otherwise it is easy to harm.The body should be straight, it depends on the effect of exercise.To keep from falling, set foot on the floor to be pushed to 15-20 cm or more.But the delay in the bottom point is not critical, everyone chooses that it is more convenient.Socks both feet should be positioned directly.