What is the name of Olga, Olga, and how to communicate

What is the name Olga for those who live or work with her?First of all it is worth noting that Olga - a very strong lady, reasonably believe that they are not worse than men.The origin of the name goes back to the Old Norse word "Helga" or "Elga", meaning "light", "great" or "holy".And took them to the ancient meaning of the name Olga proudly carry through life.

surrounding note that Olga - a fighter who tenaciously hold in their hands what they have.Perhaps this is due to the fact that the totem animal of that name is a powerful and beautiful leopard predator.Their character can be described as balanced, secretive, not giving special influence.Women with this name endured setbacks and always find an opportunity later to defeat your enemy.Suffice it to recall the Grand Duchess Olga, systematically and severely punish Drevlyane for the death of her husband.

Some moms do not know what is the name of Olga, when selected it for born daughter.Perhaps in the future they will understand that it gives the name of their daughter's independence from an early age and the desire to be separate from the mother.Olga will always have their point of view, as well as developing the logic and intelligence.They are reluctant to show their feelings, on the contrary, sometimes will express contempt for sentimentality and weakness - a strange weakness, t. To. They themselves are very strong personalities.

What is the name of Olga for colleagues?In this case, it is likely to encounter with a woman having an exceptional self-confidence and do not wish to play supporting roles.When Olga something sure to convince it almost impossible, even if it is not right.This is compounded by the fact that communication with these women formed only on the basis of the business.

Olga pointed amiable only with standing above the ladder.In other cases, it is quite cold and unemotional.Olga is a type of female ruler, which tends to dominate over all.

The above set of qualities says that is the name of Olga for members of her own family.Here she also tends to dominate.It is believed that it is more a business than a woman home.So Olga refers to the house and the home cool and friendly with the children longer than love them.Since it affects some natural coldness.

When Olga (the name, the value of which is linked to elevation and detachment) is born in the summer, then sharpened her character properties can be somewhat mitigated."Summer" Olga much more amorous and trusting in contrast to the excessive power "winter", sverhpraktichnyh "autumn" or arrogant ladies born in the spring and this name.

What is the name Olga in common?This woman's name a serious, moral, responsible, strong.They are often compared with the Scandinavian maidens - Valkyrie formidable warriors, possessed rare beauty and integrity of character, love and worship causes many men.