Encyclopedia of male names: What is the name of Cyril

Giving your child a particular name, the parents are mainly oriented to fashion and popular names in his exoticism, rarity and harmony.Often children are named in honor of someone from relatives, friends or good friends.Less - focusing on the characters favorite books or famous people.On behalf of the interpretation of pay attention, alas, not all.It's a pity!After all, if the name of the right to find its "owner", it would be for him a real talisman of good luck for life.

history behalf

its value the name of Cyril takes from time immemorial, and has a glorious history.With Greek this name is translated as "lord", "lord", "lord", "royal".There he and Persian roots.In Farsi, it sounds like the "sun," "illustrious," "magnificent".Name Cyril value is received from the emperor of the Persians, Cyrus II, called the Great.This statesman was famous as a great military leader, who won many significant victories.The stories of his battles are still studying in the military departments.He founded a powerful empire and marked the beginning of a new dynasty of rulers.Cyrus the Great wrote Herodotus and other historians, philosophers of antiquity.His name became a household word, entered the popular expressions - aphorisms.Calling so his little son, mom and dad would not hurt to find out what is the name of Cyril.Maybe he was destined to become a marshal, and the boy will be forced to pore over the notes of the music school!


It would be strange to expect that a person with such a sonorous, beautiful and bright name does not inherit his power.His media traditionally grow up with a strong character and a will.A part of Cyrus, like a piece of the sun, in every Cyril, and they will be more noticeable if the boy to educate properly.Therefore, planting it certain qualities, achieving a certain line of conduct, we must not forget that is the name of Cyril.

Being fairly balanced and confident, Cyril can stand up for their own interests and for those who ask for their help.Rarely subject to the will of another.If this happens, the emotional discharge irritation they will find, for example, in the work.More

that is the name of Cyril, it's, of course, courage bordering on courage, and good ability to adjust the others for themselves.Achieves this media name variously won undisputed authority in some area, showing willpower, failing something interested.Kirill many friends, time-tested.Cyril also know how to make friends - comrades in difficult situations can always count on their solid and reliable hand shoulder.

Despite the aura of regal splendor that is the name of Cyril, by and large its carriers - are simple people and not arrogant.They have a good sense of humor, which obviously helps in communication and adds some character of lightness, playfulness, cheerfulness.

Cyril important to get a good education - will make it easier for them to find themselves and help to find his place in life.Choose the right profession, that they will have a platform on which to build their success in life.

names and people

Kirillov Among many famous people.Kirill Razumovsky, one of the dignitaries of Elizabeth, a brilliant military leader and statesman;talented actor Kirill Lavrov;St. Cyril - one of the founders of the Slavic alphabet and many others.