How to do hair for the doll?

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The easiest way to teach a little girl to weave themselves braids, tie beams and tails - is to make the doll hair.If you work with a toy a child made a mistake, they can be corrected, or at least buy a new thing.Now we'll look at some hairstyles can make puppets and how difficult they are to implement.Using a toy like a mannequin, a girl can learn to cut, to do high volume and styling, plait braids of varying complexity.So, let's begin.

Hairstyle Doll №1 - tail

There are two types of tailings: low and high.We start it at first, as to make it easier.The child just need to be on the back of her head in a bun all the doll hair and stabbing of a hairpin.High tail runs a little harder.To begin carefully comb the doll, and then pick up all the hair to the crown.Combing them into a strong beam, be careful not to appear "cocks".Now tie the hair elastic, preferably thin, and then remove a small section.She wrap the base of the tail to hide the elastic, invisible from below and secure.

Hairstyle Doll №2 - «Malvina» of curls

To play this installation, it is desirable to have pupae were soft and delicate hair.So choose for "Barbie", "Bratz" and similar items.So, to start with a small curling iron curls curls.Keep in mind that the head of the pupae at times less human, therefore, on those curls her hair will look larger.Now you need to determine what will be the parting: it is possible to make the side or straight.Also, all locks can be combed back and hold them barrette.Let your daughter perform each of these hairstyles at different times.

Hairstyle Doll №3 - braid and variations of its application

To make at least one laying on the basis of the spit, you must first learn how to braid it.Begin teaching your child with a simple weaving.Kos starting from the nape and on the free braided hair.After the baby to master this technology, connect with each other haircut "on top of the tail," and pigtail.You can then conduct experiments with small braids.Separate a section near one ear doll and begin to braid it.On the opposite side secure it with a hairpin.The front part of the hair can be fully combed up, and you can leave the middle.Also, of these little braids easy to make different patterns - hearts, spirals, circles.But it will have a child of five years, and that if he would have a penchant for creativity and talent barber.

Choose toys suitable

original look hairstyle for dolls "Bratz."Basically this volume styling, soft wavy hair, gathered in "Malvinka" or loose.Also often such dolls tied two low ponytail or braid loose braid.Experimenting with these toys simply because their head is much more than the "Barbie", as the hair soft and docile.

Any hairstyle for a doll - a styling borrowed from the fashion magazine that can be found on the models, actresses and other famous personalities.Of course, a small head toys to create masterpieces hairdresser difficult, but to teach the child to do the most basic styling - simple.