Secrets of our dreams: dreams of what a dog?

Even if a person sees in his sleep for a certain phenomenon, animal or thing, then clearly specify the reason for its occurrence is impossible.Because the vision may have very different interpretations, depending on the conditions under which it arose.This is true for almost all dreams.

For example, a dog more than a dozen centuries considered the other person.It protects the house, the owner and help him not only to hunt, but also in everyday life.But that is what the dream dog depends on what people have seen in a dream.Therefore, the correct interpretation of dreams must take into account all the nuances, because otherwise the same dream can be interpreted two ways, and will not be more or less truthful information.So, let's see what the dog dreams?

Dreams about good and evil dogs

We all know that the four-legged friend a person could be not only good, but also evil.In this case, the angry dog ​​will mean deceit on the part of the enemies and failure in business.However, if in a dream you visited was friendly and even affectionate dog, it will lead to success and true friends.

But dreams are not so unambiguous.For example, what a dream: the dog bite and bark?If you bite - will lead to a deterioration of relations not only with business partners, but even with a spouse.If you just bark, the more often it is said that soon people will receive bad news.But when they attack, wait for the visit of detractors.Although in this case, many downers recommended to seek assistance from friends and family are sure to help them cope.If a dog growls, then you will have something to actively resist.

Dreams of white and black dogs

But the answers are not yet fully open question "what dream dog"?In interpreting the dreams of even the dogs take into account the color of their fur.If a white dog friendly circling around the man, it waits for luck in business and a lot of love.In addition, it can meet good old friend.

But what dreams black dog, it is better not to check anyone.Because in this case, on the contrary, you may lose a friend or frustrated person that you think you know, and who turned away from you in the most difficult moment.Moreover, most likely, he will take advantage of the difficult situation and smear your name in front of other people.

Dreams of different dogs

vision of the fastest dogs, too, are their marks and are used for the correct interpretation of dreams.For example, a hunting dog in the house assumes the appearance of good news about the state of affairs.Going on your trail sleuth warns against the excesses and temptations.But if in its place will be a mad dog, you have to mobilize all their strength and character for a serious fight in the near future.However, if a person in a dream, or even drive out to kill this dog, it is not only a victory in the struggle, but also achieve good results in business.

which appeared in a dream pedigree dog shows in welfare matters.On the other hand, dirty and skinny dog ​​foreshadows not only failed, but also warns against possible disease.If the dog a lot of goals, it is best to stop doing several things at once and concentrate on the essentials.Otherwise the luck will smile to you is unlikely in the near future.

Dreams of a dog Wang and Freud

Besides conventional interpretations of dream books about what a dream dog, there are add-ons and made known predictors or psychoanalysts.For example, the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga said that what he saw in a dream warns of a stray dog ​​got into trouble a loved one, a giant dog heralds the emergence of a new friend, and dog-defender is the protection of higher powers.

On the other hand, the founder of modern psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud called the dog symbol of childhood and child.He believed that if a person during sleep it spoils - which means excessive custody of her baby.Walk the dog said that he plans to life of the child, regardless of his interests.But if a person has a dream, or making fun of a dog, it implicitly involves sex with teenagers.