Why dream of a fire?

phenomenon of sleep is really amazing and mysterious thing.There are a large number of different explanations and interpretations, but to take it just as a rest during the night, you can not.Mysticism and science interpret dreams in their own way.Each in their own right to choose what is best to listen, and that we should not ignore.It should be noted that even scientists can not explain everything through.According to medical research, it is known that the human brain uses its capacity by 7%.Perhaps the remaining 93% - this is the ability to see the future.Then what to do if a fire dream?

fire - is always a tragedy.Fire consumes and turns to pieces everything in its path.But, no matter how unusual and absurd, a fire in a dream - it is a good omen.It is important to one condition: no victims.So why dream fire?So, in your life, there will be tremendous changes, and for the better.This could mean a possible increase at work, new interesting and useful contacts, the appearance of a child, sudden prizes and gifts.If you dream you had a chance to put out the fire, dream interpretation Miss Hase warns that it's time to drop everything and undertakings.Fascinated by a new sport?Forget about it.We decided to go on vacation?Drop this idea.The subconscious mind is trying to protect from the effects of which are expected in the near future.They may be associated with health, relationships and scandals.

There are several authoritative interpretations of dreams.Let's analyze them.Why dream of the fire according to Freud?Renowned psychiatrist explains the emergence of true love.The feeling that comes suddenly and will cover the head.You'd be surprised at how you approach each other as a common find.Everything else, the future of your loved one is waiting for a complete sexual compatibility.

American psychologist Gustav Miller says that the burning dream house - a sign that the children will be obedient and loving, and friends - loyal and good.If the entrepreneur sees his shop (office) is lit, you should expect a sharp pace in business development, better deals and contracts.Do not try to extinguish the fire in his sleep.It is fraught with problems, such as on a personal and business front.If you dream had seen the charred walls, it is likely you will throw all my plans, lost faith in themselves, which is absolutely not worth doing.

Why dream of a fire Vanga?If you see both the forest and the fire burned the city, then come severe drought.Literally and in all the land.People finally realize the importance of nature and its resources.A representative of humanity will never harm the environment, will take care of the environment, realizing the seriousness of the contrary.Those who dream feels unpleasant smell from the fire, the great clairvoyant predicts bad gossip.Detractors will be in every way to spread nasty rumors about you.From them will have a hard and long to get rid of.If you dream you is warm from the fire, it is good.So in trouble will always be people who lend a helping hand, will be allocated from the trouble.You definitely need to listen to and appreciate them.They - the only ones who will be the worst nightmare.

This basic interpretation of what dreams fire.Consider all the surrounding facts and circumstances.They are very important.The absence or presence of a radically changing situation in the future.Tip: The first thing every morning write down your dreams, to protect themselves against possible misfortunes.The dream - the way our minds to help us supporting.You should not miss it by ear.Although we harm ourselves at times, but the survival instinct is stronger.The main thing that nobody will forget and strongly promoted.