Ambiguous dream: what dreams watermelon

One can not say that a person promises a dream in which he sees buying or eating watermelon.There are many interpretations of these dreams, and sometimes treatment of "watermelon" Dreams are so opposite in meaning that the person is left with even more questions than he sleep.So why dream watermelon really?

By and large existing opinions can be divided into two groups, the first of which says "watermelon" dream a positive sign, heralding change for the better, and the other believes that such a dream warns of impending trouble.

first consider the most inexplicable of the signs.Suppose you're a fan of watermelons for a long time and want to eat watermelon flesh, but for some reason can not fulfill his desire.Your mind knows that the desire is unrealizable, but the subconscious mind is not prepared to accept this course of events.Subconscious mind is like there are obstacles to the implementation of the desired, so it seeks to realize the desire, even if in a dream.

now turn to dreams in which watermelon appears not as a food quench hunger.As already mentioned, there are two opposing views.We turn first to the interpretations that consider seen in a dream watermelon harbinger of troubles.

So, what dreams watermelon?Bad omen is considered immature green fruit.Thus, a sick person, who saw in a dream a watermelon, it is too early to count on recovery, more attention should be given to treatments and medical advice.

If you dream woman eating watermelon, then in reality it should be wary of fraud, and the man should not rely on the performance of their own, most likely, a man waiting for the sadness and disappointment.

unmarried girls dream in which she saw a watermelon, filled with seeds, promises the wedding of necessity (for example, due to unwanted pregnancy).Trouble and resentment, frustration symbolizes a dream in which the dreamer vainly strives to bite the flesh of watermelon.

According to studies of Freud, watermelon - a symbol of orgasm.Cut watermelon in a dream means to experience difficulty in obtaining satisfaction in real life.Most likely, the intimate life for you is a kind of obligation to fulfill that you do not have fun.

unpleasant encounters at work tells a dream in which you are buying a watermelon at the bazaar.But the sour fruit can mean the loss of a family emergency.

That is such sad omens can carry a dream in which one way or another there is a watermelon.

Fortunately, there are other interpretations of "watermelon" dreams.Therefore, after reading the above, do not worry if you've seen in a dream watermelon.We now turn to a positive interpretation.So, what dreams watermelon?

Many interpreters of dreams converge to the idea that the dream of this fruit - a favorable sign.So, I see a lot of watermelons in a dream - a statement that you are doing everything right.All of what you have achieved in life was to achieve his own work, so do not belittle its merits.

married woman "watermelon" dream could spell addition to the family, with a high degree of probability that a newborn baby will be a girl.

success represents a dream in which you eat ripe watermelon, if buy it, you can expect a quick profit.

What dream watermelon else, not counting the aforementioned interpretations?For successful farming, a pleasant acquaintance, good news and changes for the better.

you decide which point of view to share: a dream to see the watermelon - good or bad.However, from my own experience I can say that it is better to lean towards the optimistic interpretations.The fact that our thoughts, we forecast the future, and if we think about the positive, ahead of us a bright future.So, dream watermelon - a great sign that promises happiness, no doubt.