Osho meditation and quiet riot

Osho was born December 11, 1931 in Kushvade (Central India).The family loved him, especially my grandfather, who gave him the name of "Raja", which means "king."All his childhood he spent in his grandfather's home.My father and mother took him to her only after the death of grandparents.

By prevailing culture among students Osho legend, his past birth was 700 years ago in the mountains, where his mystical school, which attracted many disciples of different traditions and beliefs of the different countries.

Then Master lived 106 years.Before his death, he began a 21-day fast, which was to lead him to enlightenment.But he had a choice - he could take another birth before the final disappearance of eternity.He looked at his family disciples, among them were many who stopped on their way and need help.Because of their pure love and compassion, he promised his disciples come back and share with them his truth, to help them bring their consciousness to a state of awakening.

In 1957, Osho graduated Saugarsky University, with honors, a gold medal and a Master of Philosophy.Two years later he became a professor of philosophy at the University of Dzhabalpurskom.In 1966, Osho left the university chair, and dedicated himself to the dissemination of the art of meditation and its vision of a new man.He not only experienced all known since ancient times of meditation, but also came up with a new, revolutionary technology, designed specifically for the modern man, based on the use of music and movement.

In 1968 he settled in Bombay Osho and soon began to come to him first Western seekers of spiritual truth.

showed his first Osho dynamic meditation morning in April 1970 in a meditation camp near Bombay.On that day, everyone was stunned and fascinated at the same time.Indian journalists were amazed watching the participants, who were screaming, crying, and tore off his clothes - the whole scene has been very stormy.But how much has been tension in the first stage of an intensive, so deeply was relaxed in the second half, leading to a full peace can not be achieved in real life.

American disciples of Osho bought a ranch in the area of ​​64 thousand. Acres in Central Oregon and founded a Rajneeshpuram.In August, Osho went there.For 4 years, while Osho lived there Rajneeshpuram was the most audacious experiment in the creation of a transnational spiritual commune.Every summer at a festival hosted 15,000 people arrived from Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.As a result, the commune has become a thriving city with a population of 5,000 people.

In October 1985, the US government accused the Osho violating immigration laws and without any warning, was taken into custody.Handcuffed and shackled he was held for 12 days in detention, denying bail.According to Osho, in prison he has suffered physical damage.According to a further medical examination, in Oklahoma, he underwent a life-threatening dose of radiation, and was poisoned taliumom.When Portland Prison, where he was Osho, a bomb was discovered, he was the only one who did not evacuate.

Fearing for the life of Osho, his lawyers agreed to accept the violation of immigration law, and Osho left America on November 14th.The commune fell apart.

When Osho at the invitation of his disciples tried to visit a number of states, 21 countries have banned entry to its limits Osho and his companions.

In July 1986, Osho returned to Bombay and his students again began to gather around him, in January 1987, as the number of people coming to it quickly grew, he moved to Pune, where by that time formed the Osho Commune International.
Osho left his body January 19, 1990.He often wondered what would happen when he dies?Here is the answer Osho Italian television transmitted via a personal secretary:

«Osho rely and trust in existence.He never thinks about the next moment.If at this moment everything is fine, the next time it follows from this, and will be even richer. "

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