Cancer - element.

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Four trine, each of which corresponds to a specific element included in the Zodiac.Cancer, which is the element of water, these bonds is closely linked with Pisces and Scorpio.They are the children of reservoirs, streams, lakes, seas and rivers.Thus for Rakov element it is water, which is in a calm state.Rather, it is a stagnant pond.Therefore, people born under this constellation, prefer to stay away from the hectic life flows.

Features elements

emotional and mysterious cancer.The element of water, which he belongs, is characterized primarily by moisture, a certain chill, as well as a strong perception and remarkable sensitivity.Water trine - the zodiacal triangle - is the center of feelings and experiences of internal unrest.Therefore, all signs that he is treated differ fervor and expansion.With regard to the Rakov, the water makes them soft, gentle, enthusiastically, easily excitable.

Water and inner peace are inextricably linked.The elements are very secretive, changeable and malleable.His wards empower qualities such as daydreaming and imagery.Since crabs belong to this trine, they should be required to live near water: the ideal - near the sea or on the shore of the river, but in extreme cases will approach even a simple aquarium installed in the apartment.Representatives of this zodiacal constellation enjoy the beautiful scenery, preferably associated with ponds.Their patrons are undoubtedly aquatic creatures: undines and mermaids.


Element Water gives calmness and equanimity.And Raki is not an exception.By temperament they are phlegmatic, living his inner life.They have a lot of dream, fantasize and invent.These people are too impressionable and whining.Capable long time to hide their emotions, but sometimes erupts like a volcano, and they turn inside my soul inside out.Representatives Waters contemplative, sometimes there are too lethargic and indifferent, but in most cases they worry about others no less than himself.

At first glance it seems that the crabs totally apathetic.In contrast to the Fire and Air, they rarely show their feelings, but it does not mean that their emotions are less pronounced.On the contrary, they are deeper, brighter and stronger.As representatives of Water Crayfish use it as an extra thickness of a powerful barrier.Moving along the bottom, they rarely look out onto the surface, save yourself from unnecessary worries and painful experiences.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like other representatives of the star, not very good and also has the qualities of Cancer (Zodiac).Characteristic of this romantic creation is this: they are sociable and attractive, friendly and patient.The positive features of the behavioral model should also include the ability to listen, empathize, sympathize.This excellent comrades, who have never left in the lurch.Water gives them the ability to build constructive relationships, quickly analyze the situation and solve the secret intentions of others.They are very artistic, tough, responsive, and despite the heightened emotionality, balanced.

But changeable and unpredictable water and gave them a lot of disadvantages.The most unpleasant and is pronounced irritability.In addition, they tend to dramatize the situation even the smallest, to exaggerate and make mountains out of molehills.Cancers often show a lack of character and pessimism.They are terribly lazy and impractical, try to avoid straight talk and honest dialogue.

Indomitable pairs

Water has three states, each of which belongs to one of the representatives trine.If Scorpio - is a frozen block of ice, Fish - underground source, the Crawfish - glowing, saturated steam.Like him, they uncontrollably hot, endowed with increased capacity for work and indomitable energy.It seems that never gets tired and does not give a good cancer.The element of the sign affects his ability to adapt: ​​it can adapt to any situation, no matter how hard it may seem.Often complaining about all kinds of problems and circumstances, cancer more than other signs able to withstand and overcome everything.He, like steam can penetrate through any cracks and loopholes, so even in a desperate situation, be sure to find at least two emergency exits.

Cancer feels great events, people and places.It often seems strange and incomprehensible to others, but this is not surprising.After all, the representatives of the constellations are born with the ability to occult sciences.They extend to all the mystical and mysterious, so by the sometimes look like people with mental disorders.

man mood

Such is Cancer.Element, capricious and variation, and makes it volatile.The mood is able to transform itself in a split second: that's when he laughed, thought a minute, and another two - began to sob uncontrollably.Be patient: Cancers need to understand even the smallest pressure, they will not survive forever and will hide in your impenetrable armor.In the mood swings is better not to pay attention, do not ask and do not insist - will soon let it be.Tears dry at one point: Cancer will laugh and enjoy life.Those who are well do not know this man may think that he is crazy.Some truth in this statement as is.

Cancer element is water, it is closed.What's going on in his mind, it is difficult to understand.But, believe me, there is a hurricane and the storm of passion.Representatives of this zodiacal constellation are very sensitive to the mood of others.They never climb into the soul when you want to be quiet or be alone.But unerringly choosing the right moment, cancer is able to truly support, soothe and inspire you to hope for a happy future.He is still the joker and storyteller.


Water Element Water gives its members a unique and rich inner world.Therefore, they achieve the greatest success in the creative field.For example, crayfish make great artists, poets and artists.They are born with a great ear for music and gravitate to art.They can also manifest itself in the service sector, so it is easy to find a common language, even with strangers.This innate managers, hairdressers, bartenders, waiters, consultants.Thanks to the fine intuition can become a qualified detective or investigator.

Cancers love children and animals, so they will approach the work in a school and a kindergarten, zoos.They can breed purebred dogs, take care of the horses at the racetrack, act in the circus.They have the makings to be a good psychologist, journalist, gardener and restaurateur.The quality of the work always depends on the mood.Therefore, representatives of the water element is very important to love your work and enjoy each working day.

Compatibility with other elements

water signs need to avoid fire.These two elements are diametrically opposed, so living together with Aries, Leo or Sagittarius invariably ends parting.From the air, the situation is much simpler: some aquatic representatives can peacefully co-exist with them, unless, of course, will not be frightened of fog and clouds.Therefore, the ideal partner would be representative of the Earth.The second half should be selected from the Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

Element Cancer horoscope - Water.The earth needs it as a kind of container.Each of them complements the husband: they shared views on personal life, family values, child rearing, management of the budget and so on.Earth will become a strong, solid foundation, and the water will create the necessary harmony, a welcome comfort.Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces will inspire your soul mate, raise her self-esteem and to encourage activity.Their relationship is characterized by a strong sexual attraction, a strong friendship and understanding.It's almost a perfect combination of temperament and character.

Trigon water

most powerful sign in this triangle is a Scorpio.His fortitude, tenacity, endurance and patience can only envy.It differs from other increased aggression, strong resistance, does not want to be influenced, to compromise.At the same time the weakest Representative Water - Pisces.Vulnerable and touchy, often they are not able to endure the hardships of fate.Although in critical situations show a remarkable resilience and become a real impenetrable stone.

golden mean and why is cancer.Element Water endowed him with the same sensitivity as Pisces.Despite this, he always perseveres in achieving results.That exposure and focus distinguish it among the other sign of the zodiac.Cancers are more likely than other star brothers succeed in life.At the same time the feelings of all the representatives of the water element prevail over reason.Love and marriage is for them - a valuable and unwavering priorities.They are able to look for life your ideal mate.And believe me, it is always found.