Skin care baby winter

frost and cold wind - not the best companions for a walk with the baby, but in the winter we them can not escape.A little to the skin is not affected by such a "cool" communication, it is important to know how to properly care for her.

skin kids are so thin and vulnerable, which is much worse than in adults, may protect against external crumbs "aggressors".Due to the fact that the level of acidity (pH) is closer to neutral, but not acidic medium, the skin of babies is more vulnerable to infection.The water content therein is significantly higher, while fat - is lower because the sebaceous glands in children are insufficient and the protective film is very thin fat.As a result, the baby's skin dries quickly, and all sorts of misfortunes (including frost and wind) affect it more than us.

Under pressure from the cold wind particles water and fat quickly leave the skin and it dries up and become less elastic.Mikrotreschinki formed therein through which the inside can easily penetrate infections and allergies.Then my mother noticed that the skin of her offspring became dry and starts to peel off.If a pipsqueak spent in the cold too long spasm of blood vessels may impair blood flow to the skin and its protective function, and sometimes even result in frostbite.

By the way, in the cold of winter is not every mother will dare come out with the baby for a walk, especially if crumbs only a few months old.Do not worry: if the thermometer does not fall below -15 ° C, and in the street there is a strong wind, the walk will benefit even the smallest.

I'm not afraid of frost!

The cold sensitive skin babies require special care and care.To walk brought crumbs only fun, moms should not forget about protective baby cream, created for cold and windy weather.Such means, for example, can be found under the brands of Johnson's Baby, Bubchen, Ave`ne, Sanosan, Masque baby aqua, «Tip-Top."Main components of winter creams - various fats (lanolin, panthenol, natural vegetable oils), which cover the skin by a thin film to prevent drying and chapping.Apply the cream should be 30 minutes before going outside in the skin, which remain open.At the worst, if there is no suitable means at hand to "emergency" protection suit visceral fat.

Taking a walk with your baby, make sure the color of his skin: cheeks child should be pink, but if they become pale or "marble", in pink and white divorce, it speaks about frostbite.Immediately Blow crumbs home and warm it.Keep in mind that you can not rub the frozen cheeks;Wait until the skin turns pink again, and then brush it "Bepantenom" or "D-panthenol."A little to quickly warmed up and cold, put on his arms, legs and chest warming Cream Masque baby aqua.

After a walk before bedtime and children should use moisturizer because the skin not only affects small cold weather, but dry air in the apartment.By the way, which is why doctors advise mothers to monitor the humidity at home - for example, using household humidifier.

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