How to whitewash the ceiling lime

Once the most popular form of painting the ceiling - whitewash, today firmly supplanted by other types of ceiling coverings, modern materials and colors.However, a definite plus whitewash it remains cheap (it's still the cheapest building material), ease of operation and environmental friendliness.Properly prepared and applied lime formulations produce durable and nepachkayuschee coverage, they can be safely used in permanently wet areas (basements, kitchens), as well as painting the facades.

What and how to whitewash the ceiling

Lime for whitewash formulations are prepared on the basis of lime, which is not only a binder, and a white pigment.For a color to whitewash mortar schelocheustoychivye Kohler added, diluted with water.One of the simplest recipes lime consisting of the following.To whitewash the ceiling area of ​​10 square meters.m two or three times, you need to take 2 kg of lime, half stogrammovogo piece of soap, grated, 90 grams diluted in water, wood glue, three liters of water.To whitewash the color was pure white, to add a little lime composition diluted in water blueprints.The consistency of the solution should be as saturated milk.How to whitewash the ceiling?


Before applying whitewash the ceiling should be prepared.To this end, the surface of old paint brushes, available large enough embroider cracks, clean the spatula, moisten with water and sealed with putty prepared on the basis of lime.Damage to the plaster layer should be sealed with mortar (one part lime putty, and two parts of sieved sand and water).After leveling the surface and begin to dry whitewash.

ceiling Whitewashing

Lime best part lies on a wet surface.Therefore, while the wetted areas of the ceiling, and covered with lime loan.How to whitewash the ceiling?To do this, use a broad molar hard brush, roller or spray.In the process, the painted surface should be protected from direct sunlight, not to make drafts do not accelerate drying by using various heaters.

How to whitewash a ceiling brush or roller?When applying the first coat with a brush or a roller running perpendicular to the direction of the light flux from the window, lime applied broad sweeping crosswise, from the window and begin to gradually move deeper into the room.After thorough drying the first layer, a second applied already in parallel light.Mortar liquid, so while the brush or roller it will mercilessly cover all around and painter drops.Be sure to protect yourself and to close all the surface of the film.

How to whitewash the ceiling spray?This method allows you to coat very thin and even layer.Before working lime composition filtered through fine-meshed strainer or cheesecloth.Then it is filled jar pulverizer three quarters.Seal rubber ring on the jar is better to moisten with water, so that it fits snugly.Orchard kept at a distance of 40-70 centimeters from the surface to be painted to reduce paint loss.Slowly, circularly moving the device, you need to observe the surface of the ceiling was painted flat, and do not form streaks.An indication of saturated colors will be the transition to a glossy matt structure that will significantly when applied against the light.If the ceiling is covered with lime, caramel color, it is necessary to achieve uniform intensity on the surface.If done correctly, the work in this way uses less solution and does not form a thick layer of lime coating.