What does "motivation"?

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"Motivation" - a concept that is familiar to all today.But to completely understand the meaning of this term and the important role it plays in the life of every human being?In fact, the motivation - is something without which it is very difficult to live.This is the goal, the reason that people do anything.What does "motivation"?Push, motivate to action, or something more?Let's deal!

What action motivated?Meaning of the word "motivation"

In fact, this kind of justification, or if you want an explanation of action.Why did you get out of bed in the morning?Why go to work?Why watch your appearance?Why read a book?Motivation - this is the most "followed", which encourages us to act and behave in a certain way.Man running to get the money, go in for sports to be healthy, taking medication, if he is sick to get better.If you think about any action you can motivate yourself.The answer to the question of how to achieve this goal is quite simple, but first consider what internal and external motivation.


motivation is external and internal.External usually comes from outside and is related to the environment of man, his achievements in some of the social institutions.For example, the desire to study hard, get a degree and work for the prize, to sign a contract, and the like.

What does it mean "to motivate the outside"?Intrinsic motivation is linked directly with the emotions that arise as a result of human goals.The internal motivation to a particular action, we are talking about when it comes to the favorite business, the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles, of positive emotions from the successful completion of tasks.This confidence, which appears on the way to the goal, the feeling of power that occurs during the struggle with fears.Extrinsic motivation, in turn - is the impetus that forces begin to carry out the task.As a rule, and the external and internal motivation is tantamount importance in any situation.

desire as a driving force

force that affects the motivation - the desire.As a general rule, it must be a reason why you need to do that and then some.Any hard work, or negative experience pain and suffering - they are also a source of motivation, if a person knows that all this is temporary, and after the black bar is always white.Often, by the way, negative motivation to act, in order to get rid of bad quickly.In such situations, a person can help a variety of motivational phrases that will make him think and wish to continue planned.

energy and perseverance

Motivation - a source of energy needed to achieve the goal, and the courage and perseverance.To do something really necessary and worthwhile, particularly when it comes to the challenges and difficulties, a person must get out of your comfort zone and do something he did not want to do or what he does not know how.That perseverance will help turn boredom into an interesting pastime, and difficulties may seem just another step on the road to happiness.

What does it mean "to motivate yourself?"Basic rules

Firstly, always be sure that you need.The goal is to inspire you, but that it should be concise and clear.To the desire to reach the end was a strong need to understand where you are going.Just say, "I want the sea" - this is clearly not enough.It is necessary to choose the sea, the way you get there, decide how you will earn money on holiday and imagine how great you will rest.Thus a solution is also insufficient.It is important to make sure that you aim attracted like a magnet.For this generated image to be as accurate as if it had already happened.This technique is called visualization.

Second, do not try to stop.Most people think a lot about the problem, but does little to accomplish it.Perhaps in these moments we are driven by the fear of failure, so we omits.In order to strengthen the motivation to start, take the first step.So, moving step by step, you will be getting closer and closer to the goal, to which so long and hard going.Not for nothing is said that learning from mistakes.It is important to accept it and not be afraid of failure: all people make mistakes, and this is natural.By the way, a negative experience often has a positive effect on motivation, because that excludes similar flaws in the future.Motivating words, is not it?

Third, you need to learn to set short-term goals within a large task.Break main goal into small, and implementation of each dream will become closer and closer, and you can not even see how you get to the finish line.This method also has a positive effect on the inner motivation, and each new person performs the task with renewed vigor and jerk.

Fourth, do not feel sorry for yourself, undertakes to follow through.Learn to not give up and do not look for excuses.Just do what you want, thinking about the result and reward for the distance traveled.In no case can not be put off something for later.Start the task with the most difficult moments - those which do not give you peace of mind.

Well, finally, advice: be patient and persistent.Remember that the easiest way to the goal - it is the exception to the rule, and in any case need to be patient and determined.

Conclusion Now you know what it means to "motivate", you know, the role played by the motivation to achieve your goals.This is exactly what leads a man.And in order to increase the motivation, you have to work on yourself.But that's not all.The paradox lies in the fact that, so you have the motivation to motivation, you have to somehow spur itself in the desire to achieve goals and solve problems.It does not matter, whether the inner voice will help you not to stop or motivational phrases of others ... If a person comes to the end, he will understand how great it is, and will do it again and again!