How to paint the ceiling - prompt experienced professionals.

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As we rejoice at the time, at last, summoning all his strength into a fist and money in the wallet, we can begin the long-awaited repair.Every owner dreams of having his house was shining clean, has an interesting design and original interior.But, sadly to say you should always start with the most thankless job - corrective.First, we must eliminate all forms of imperfect far our walls, install plumbing firm.One of the most popular question remains this: how do the ceiling?Naturally, the cases are different, easier to hire skilled craftsmen who can perform the most thankless job for you.But not everyone dares to trust the owner of his apartment strangers, and therefore have to devote time and energy for their own homes.

careful when performing this work does not accelerate as painting a ceiling, floor or walls requires great accuracy, and any hasty decision will turn against you.Also, experts and experienced employees are advised that the purchase of necessary materials, is not worth saving.

To learn how to do the ceiling, ask what paint will be faster and easier to absorb.Most often advised to use water-based materials, which line the color of the ceiling, and are characterized by strength and color stability.After painting you will realize that this material will help you later to easily make wet cleaning on the ceiling without the formation of any defects.Remember that the paint is applied to the ceiling only three tools: brush, spray or roller.You have to know how to paint the ceiling, so pay attention to what his face: if it is uneven, it is desirable to cover the basic operation of the ceiling primer.This will greatly help you to fix the surface to paint is peeled off.Before you begin painting the ceiling, you should have a good mix paint.Do not be alarmed if you see that in the newly formed bank bought some film.Best of all - carefully remove it and then use the paint.How to paint the ceiling, you will tell your experienced friends who are also faced with some challenges in finishing works.Help and special articles on the topic.

Once you get a grip certificate stating that it is better to use for painting, you can safely get to work.You will need these tools: roller, paint brush (the wider the better), the paint for the ceiling, a special tray, which will stir the paint, ladder and adhesive tape that protects non-staining zone.How to paint the ceiling properly - it is one of the most common questions.First you need to determine the direction of your painting: the paint should be applied from the window directly to the walls.You have to apply the first layer perpendicular to the window.Try gently to combine strokes, or you will get unevenly colored burnt surface.Wait until the first coat is completely dry, and then, for better coverage apply a second coat.In order to know better how to paint the ceiling, you can be invited to consult the master, who, seeing the condition of your ceiling, practical advice will help as you need to cope with the work.

now proceed to the second step - Apply a second coat of paint.Please note, we will paint the ceiling in the same direction, while continuing to apply paint from the light source to the walls.Note that it is better to paint the ceiling of 2-3 times than once, but a thick layer.So you firmly secure the paint on the ceiling and achieve the desired smooth color.Now, knowing how to paint the ceiling, you can achieve positive results in your work.