Must the company's own brands?

Enjoy trademarks should all enterprises.They emphasize the style and originality.Their image should be such as to enable consumers to recognize the company among competitors.If done correctly, the purchasing power of goods increases noticeably.

What is a trademark?

Trademark - a unique logo that identifies the manufacturer, using it in their field.According to the law, the right to a patent is a legal entity (LLC, JSC, Inc., etc.) or an individual entrepreneur.He should be registered in the Patent Office or a law firm.

Over trademarks of running an entire team of specialists, this is a very demanding job.It is necessary not only to pick up a beautiful background and font, but also take into account many other subtleties.Logo can symbolize a wide range of activities, and to come up with the best option is not always easy.He must look harmonious on the billboard, and look good in both color and in black and white.

trademark products

Brand Product (brand) - a set of images that evoke positive associations of consumers and trust the manufacturer.It gives uniqueness and value due memories, service, image.

Ironically, the presence of the brand allows you to earn more money.For example, compare McDonal's any little-known restaurant offering fast food.Buyers for many years known American corporation, so trust it.Even if the restaurant will create identical products, we see that a certain company, they are much higher.

specialists working on trademarks, divide them into three categories:

  • word mark, consisting only of the inscriptions.For example, Samsung, BMW, Reebok, Coca-Cola.This variety is more common.
  • figurative mark, which consists of the drawing.It is enough to see the logo of Microsoft and Addidas, just remember how firm.
  • Combined patterns.They consist of both inscriptions and images.For example, Beeline, McDonal's, Mallboro.

How to register a trademark?

order to nobody could use other people's trademarks, they should be protected by law.To do this, they should be patented.This can be done in Rospatent (Federal Service for Intellectual Property).The organization itself is in Moscow.If you live in another city, you can log on to its website.In the section "Cooperation with the Russian regions" is "The support organization."It was there that get a list of institutions that could register a trademark.This is usually universities or academic libraries.

registration of trade marks - rather laborious and lengthy process.You will need to go through three stages:

  1. Set the opportunity to register the logo as a brand image.The move means its compliance with all the requirements.
  2. Go check mark on the database (it contains the brand filed for registration and registered) in the presence of copies.
  3. registration of a trade mark.Usual term this procedure - from 1 to 1.5 years.