How to behave, to a man afraid of losing?

Often after an argument with a loved one, many women think that if a man is not afraid of losing them (or simply can not express, even though deep down, very afraid), it means that he does not like them, do not appreciate, do notI have for him any feelings at all.

Such women are often wrong.If it is not afraid to lose his beloved, it means that he has not yet realized just how much she was dear to him.

Unfortunately, very often it is at this stage and the novel ends.She leaves, tired of trying to get his attention, and he realizes his feelings for her, as they say, after the fact.How to behave, to a man afraid of losing, without breaking relations with him?The exact answer to this question will help the method "by contradiction".

As it is impossible to behave

man afraid to lose you, you must adhere to the correct course of action.For starters let's look at what to do in any case it is impossible, t. To. The result will be completely the opposite:

  1. speak directly to him that going to do anything in this direction.On your part it would be banal provocation that will only lead to quarrels and insults
  2. Frankly flirt with other men.This may annoy him, and he will simply lose interest in you.
  3. go on about their emotions and ringing him every five minutes if he is busy at work or gone out with friends.He'll think you do not have other interests besides himself, so he has nothing to fear, and that is. E., You can behave as you want.

very important to know one truth: man is afraid of losing a woman, if he even had time to think about the possibility of a similar accident.

How to settle in his mind such thoughts?

  1. He - not the only thing in your life . Give it to him to understand.For example, if he is warned in advance that he would go out with friends, do not keep ringing him constantly asking where he was and with whom.If we became absolutely unbearable - send sms-ku with kind words and funny smileys.It originated in the soul of doubt, why did not you call him yourself than you are busy so interesting without him.When he asked about it, innocently answer that watched the film, which has long been of interest to you, but to a joint view that your young people still can not find the time.
  2. Make it clear that other men pay attention to you . It should be done very gently, gently, as if by the way.If a man is afraid of losing a woman, even if it did not expressed it like this "revelation" would be more than enough.Tell us, for example, as an outsider guy conceded a place for you on the bus and tried to strike up a conversation, or pro bugger who wants to meet you in line at the clinic.Representatives of the stronger sex - hunters by nature, and the man is afraid of losing a woman, if he sees potential rivals.
  3. Hint him that soon, you may have a long separation.Of course, it should be done with extreme caution.You can, for example, an interest in exchange programs with other countries.Optionally even take part in competitions to ensure that travel abroad.Suffice it aloud to speculate how it would be interesting and informative. When a man is afraid of losing a woman?Then, when there is a risk that he will not see it for a long time.

How to behave, to a man afraid of losing?It should only follow a few simple rules.On them will be discussed further.

Develop a fact that makes him dependent on you

Any relations are based on interdependence.And that's fine.It is likely that he can not imagine his life without comfort that you create in the house without your tenderness and even a smile, after all, no food prepared by you.You, in turn, feel the same kind of dependence - on his money, position in society and interesting conversations with him ... In general, the situation may be different.Determine what in you it is especially expensive and make it stop, it is strongly develop in yourself.He had a long sleep on Sunday and loves to be pampered harmful food?Allow it to him ... occasionally.Let him sleep, while you quietly get up and cook him his favorite dish.It will be very nice.Or run off in the "McDonald's" and buy him a large package of fast food.How to behave, that the man was afraid of losing you?Sometimes indulge his whims, but do not always do it, otherwise he will get used and will cease to accept such trifles as joy.

Be Independent for him!

How to make a man afraid of losing?Always seemed to be at some distance from him.Be able to provide themselves, do not be jealous, do not arrange an inspection of his telephone or e-mail at the first suspicion of interest in other women.If he wants you to change, he will do it so that you do not know.Find your favorite activity, develop in every way, or it will cease to have value and lose all interest.What kind of woman a man is afraid of losing?Smart, independent, non-intrusive, which is easy to support any conversation.In general, the one with which he was pleased to appear in society, which is not ashamed to introduce to friends or parents.The main thing - not to forget all these lessons about himself, interested in its affairs, to love and respect him.

Be it for another

not only important for women to be heard.Men need it no less.Be interested in his affairs, inquire about work, friends, hobbies, plans and successes.But do not overdo.It should not look like an interrogation.If he does not want to say something - not to impose, put questions to the next time.

Calm - most importantly

Always be calm.Even if there was a conflict, and a man in some mistake, calmly explain to him what it was he was wrong.Some, of course, like the Italian passion and scandals that have entertained the whole street.But this is the exception rather the rule.The bulk of the stronger sex still wants to meet with the woman he loved was for them not a burden.Understand that they need "safe haven" where you can relax after a busy day.

man should always feel like a winner

Since ancient times, men fought or even just competing with each other.They fought for the best land, the best food, the best woman.How to behave, to a man afraid of losing?You just have to let him fight for you ... and be a winner.Be a man for the purpose, a dream ... With him rejoice in his victory and do not take into account his defeat.He will appreciate it and will be afraid to lose.


How to behave, that the man was afraid of losing his love?Sometimes cancel your meetings, citing the important things.The main thing - do not overdo it and sustain such a term that he missed, but did not think that you have found another, or simply to avoid meetings.Of course, it is hard not to see a loved one a few days, but you also need the result, is not it?That was not so hard, get a - visit a beautician, walk with friends, go shopping.There is another option of behavior - always be different.All women - actresses in varying degrees, that the images change every day.Today you Turgenev girl, the poet's dream, tomorrow - sexy cat, which will bring to mind any man, the next day - or clever intellectual fun The girl "his guy."He will not know what will see you next time, and it will give the novelty of your relationship, and even a certain piquancy.

He - not the only man in your environment

We have already touched on this subject a little higher.Give him the opportunity to understand what you are - only his woman ... at least not yet.Never try to force.Just casually mention that today meet in a cafe with a classmate (still ... you did so long ago did not see each other, you'll have something to talk about!), Or that you hold at work, t. To. Colleague has promised to help you finish a complex report.Do not hesitate - he immediately wants to meet with a classmate or come running to meet you from work.The ideal option would be with a company where there are a few men who likes you.Provide every little attentions - that smile, with another joke.But not more!No need to openly flirt.Behave so it was nice to talk to you, but not so that they can build far-reaching plans.You want men to compete with each other for your attention, and you have not seen in a cheap doll.How to behave, that the man was afraid of losing you?Show that you are interested in and the other guys, but so far the only one for you - the only one.