As an online clothing store

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Internet sales are nothing new.Increasingly, housewives, and not only they prefer to order clothes, toys, medicines online.Such a system is particularly useful for home delivery young mothers.Often, they have no one to leave the child, no force, no time to get out of the house and walk to the boutiques.

How to start a business, how to start creating an online store?First, decide what clothes you will trade.Children male, top, underwear, evening or wedding dress.Once you have decided on the intended item, you need to get an idea of ​​where you will take it.Order the party in large companies or in the wholesale market to buy on sale, or to sew yourself.If you buy the lots, it will go faster, because at home 10-15 to sew dresses is not so simple.At the same time work on individual orders paid up, some are more willing to take such clothes - sewed it on specific standards and always sits well.However, if you have the strength and desire, you can combine both methods of earnings.

Before you open an online clothing store, you need to create your own website.You can start with the groups and pages on social networks.It is very important before you open your clothing store, make good pictures of the goods.At a minimum they should include a rear view and front.If possible, show how to sit one or another thing in the figure.Before you open an online clothing store, for each product to make a detailed description of - the possible size, color, country of manufacture, the material used finishing.In addition to describing the models need to create a short text advertising, which is to convince the customer to buy it is this particular product.

How to find a buyer?Typically, such sites people come on the recommendation of friends or co-workers.People who like the quality of the product and the speed of service, usually become regular customers.It is this medal is a downside - if your online store for someone does not like it, will be guaranteed an extensive anti-advertising.Before you open an online clothing store, consider a system of bonuses and discounts.Perhaps it will discount the second or third purchase, storage or holiday.First buyers can be found, inviting to his page or in a group on the social networks.Make it a rule to notify of updates to sales of those who already have acquired goods.

Before you open an online clothing store, consider the delivery system.The first time, especially in a small gorode3, to deliver the goods can be sent to your car if you are going to sew themselves.This delivery method has pluses and minuses.The good news is that you can offer the buyer to try your favorite things.This service is sure to attract mass customers, because many are reluctant to take the clothes via the Internet just because a thing can not go on the size or fail to sit down.Minus - a great risk of running into customers who will take a couple of hours of your time, remeasure pile of suits and dresses, and so did not buy.However, when it gradually unwind, you can optionally hire a driver.If you plan to cover remote regions or neighboring cities, you can deliver the goods by mail.

Before you open an online clothing store, consider the payment system.Set up an e-wallets: Kiwi-wallet, Webmoney or Yandex-money (and better all together).The second popular option - pay the courier upon receipt.Most customers prefer to buy clothes for cash.In this case it is easier to cancel the purchase without paying, if the thing does not fit.