How does Supermoon on people and their behavior

Supermoon (Supermoon) - a natural phenomenon that dominates the minds of people for a long time.Scientists and astronomers in ancient times noticed that at certain times the Moon is increasing in size.However, they could not find a reason to explain this amazing fact.In this regard, there were legends and superstitions, there were speculations and assumptions about the effect Supermoon people.

Traditional healers and witch doctors prefer to collect herbs in the lightest night.They believed that the juice of the plant are attracted to the moon and overwhelmed leaves, flowers and stems.Some mystics still think that on such a night a person can turn into a beast, a witch sent to the Sabbath.

and we try to understand this natural phenomenon as Supermoon.The impact on human society and nature - that really depends on the satellite and what is myth?

At the dawn phenomenon

Modern society is looking forward to returning next giant moon.Many people prepare the camera and cameras to capture the memory is a unique natural phenomenon.Astrologers predict disasters and cataclysms, astronomers have warned of a possible disaster rampant, journalists tabloids frightened townsfolk facts of past disasters.At the same time major media are trying to analyze this phenomenon from a scientific point of view.It examines in detail the Supermoon, the impact on humans and animals.

As the moon influences our planet

known that the surface of the oceans is shifted after the motion of the Earth's satellite.It is the latter affects the water masses and the cause of the tides.Residents of coastal areas of California have long noticed that earthquakes often occur during a full moon.

In those periods when the satellite is approaching the planet at the minimum distance is fixed increase in the intensity of the tides.However, scientists note that different from the normal days is not too noticeable.And therefore talk about a possible global cataclysms are greatly exaggerated.

Another thing - people.As you know, a large percentage of our body is water, and we can not fail to respond to natural cycles.Consider what aspects of life can act Supermoon.

Influence on the human body

Many stories and legends associated with this period, with respect to such phenomena as somnambulism.Sometimes a person can not guess what is lunatic.In the lightest night of the reaction of people are aggravated, they become more irritable and prone to stress.

scientists soothe impressionable persons, saying that the action of the moon on man is undeniable, but greatly exaggerated.Yet none of the healthy individual does not become a lunatic, and not crazy at this time.Studies have shown that the size of the satellite does not affect the behavior of people, it does not violate the conscience and not pushing individuals in the crime.Maybe there are other facts which show how Supermoon effect on people?

Health effects

Scientists have proved that lunar cycles directly affect the biological processes of the body, especially the metabolism.How does Supermoon people in the light of this theory?For example, the effect of alcohol on the body in a given period of time is difficult to predict.Many individuals abusing strong drinks, covers thirst intense activity and great excitement.Clearly, this is no good cause can not, and the full moon of alcohol should be abandoned.

There are also data showing that the operation should not be done at this time.It is believed that complications may occur due to poor blood clotting.

Doctors say that during this period of treatment comes a lot more patients than in normal days.Another interesting fact concerns the effects of drugs.Observations of experts showed that the side effects from these more pronounced is the full moon.

impact on the psyche

Doctors note that mentally ill people are sensitive to the full moon and Supermoon.The impact on people's behavior can be traced very clearly - the patient's condition at this time is complicated.Unbalanced citizens are also quite sensitive to the mistress of the night sky.They describe their feelings this way: "My soul cat scratch."Remember the classic example of Shakespeare's Othello, who succumbed to a fit of madness was under the influence of the moon.

The impact on emotional state

number of serious research proves the existence of the so-called biological clock, which governs all living beings that inhabit the planet.Many natural phenomena and biological processes depend on lunar cycles.The human body - is no exception, and it also reacts to Supermoon.Effects on human or rather, to his emotional sphere, can be expressed in a depressed mood, insomnia or irritability.However, these unpleasant moments do not show as much as we would like some journalists and mystics.They are easy to miss, and most debit all feeling unwell.

How to protect yourself from the harmful effects

Before giving advice, a reservation that not all people exposed to the moon in Supermoon.The effect on a person with a strong character and sustainable psyche is not very pronounced.However, during stressful situations all may change.Therefore, the safety rules during this period (for prevention) is available to everyone:

  • Abstain from alcohol.
  • Try not to sort things out with family and loved ones.Statistics says that in these times, unfortunately, increases the percentage of rupture of relations.
  • not watch horror movies and television programs about crime.Even those who quietly accept awful scenes from movies, should adhere to this rule.The fact that the full moon psyche is very sensitive to all the phenomena.Therefore, it is possible that a little fear will result in a serious phobia or manifest in the terrible dreams.
  • If you drive a car, you should be especially careful.During this period, an increasing number of accidents on the roads, as all people are a little inflated and not too concentrated.
  • Try not to react emotionally to the actions of others.Everyone knows that women are more sensitive than men.Therefore, they do not take offense, especially considering the effect of the full moon.Men also become aggressive and closed.If you have some serious request to the chief, then it should be postponed.

analyzing all the facts, we understand the effect Supermoon people.Do not be afraid and wait for something terrible in this period.Impact of the Moon on the body is minimal, it does not bear any global changes.In fact, another horror story, read on the Internet about astronomical phenomena can affect the emotional person is stronger than itself Supermoon.