Ogress Catherine

Mary Katherine Knight is the most vile a criminal in the history of Australia.She killed just one person, but to make it so that became the first woman sentenced to Green continent to life in prison without parole.Later in life, she will spend in prison for dangerous criminals in Sydney.

Not for the faint of heart!

Catherine was born half an hour later, her twin sister, Joy October 24, 1955.By the time her mother managed to give birth to four children by two different men.Katherine she gave birth on alcoholic Ken Knight, married to his friend Jack Roan.In 1959 Roan is dead and their mother, the twins went to live with Ken.

Mother Katherine father, despite the passion for drink, was very active sexually molested, and his mother, Catherine, Barbara, 10 times a day.

Barbara, in turn, often told his daughter about the intimate details of their sex lives, complained how much hate sex and men.

known that the child was sexually assaulted Katherine from some of the relatives (not the father).When she complained about this mother, she said that the girl must be reconciled with what is happening.

at school most of the time it was a nice little girl in all respects.But sometimes, Catherine could flare up on the smallest issue and then it turned into a raging beast.At least twice she used bladed weapons.

Because she left school at 15 years of age, and have not learned how to read and write.

first got a cutter at a garment factory.But a year later went out for what she called later, "my dream job."She became razdelschitsey offal at a local slaughterhouse.Of particular interest is the young lady had for beheading pigs.Soon valiant work she was awarded a set of knives for cutting meat, which she hung above their bed, in the event that you can easily grab one of them.This habit she kept for many years.

In 1973, Catherine fell in love with 22-year-old truck driver David Kellett and as soon as she turned 18, moved in with him.In 1974, they were married.Local rumor has it that Catherine tried to strangle her husband on their wedding night because of what he can to please her only once, and repeated sexual intercourse was unable to.

Kellett later worked in a slaughterhouse with Catherine and was responsible for the killing of pigs.Little woman could spend hours having fun watching the work husband.

Shortly after the birth of their first child, Melissa Ann, was born in May 1976, Kellet, being unable to cope with the feeling of possessiveness and violence wife and her capricious behavior became friends with another woman.

deeply depressed and overwhelmed with a sense of revenge, Catherine had gone to the local railway station and put a two-month daughter on the rails.Fortunately, before the train sped along the rails, the child was saved by a man crouched near a bite.It was he heard a child crying.

Later in the day, Catherine took an ax and threatened to hack to death his several people.Police arrested the woman and taken to hospital.There she was diagnosed with "postpartum depression" and released.

few days later, Catherine was not a gas station and a butcher knife slashed the woman's face, demanding that she took her to the Kellett.Bleeding profusely, the woman ran away.After police responded to a call from the owner of a feverish petrol station, the guards came and saw Katherine, hold on to the lapel shirt and rahzmahivayuschuyu little boy in front of him with a knife.

Officers managed to disarm the woman and snatch the boy from her arms unharmed.On the recommendation of a local doctor, Catherine was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital and placed under the supervision, while her newborn daughter transferred to the care of grandparents.

police informed David that his wife locked up in an insane asylum.Kellett and his mother, Jean went to the hospital.Seeing the husband, Catherine was very happy and told the doctor that the appearance of her husband healed.

August 9, 1976, Catherine was released from the hospital under the care of her mother in law, provided that Jin will see to it that the daughter took her prescribed medication.A few weeks later, Catherine and David again started living together in a rented bungalow in Woodridge in Queensland where Kellett has worked as a truck driver and Catherine got a meat-packing plant.

Reunion appeared tense: Katherine regularly loses his temper over nothing, attacked her husband with his fists, threw in his kitchen utensils and everything that comes to hand.But be that as it may, March 6, 1980 they had a second daughter, Natasha Marie.

In 1984, Catherine David had left and moved first to her parents, and then to the nearby town Musvdebruk.There, she got a job at the slaughterhouse, but a year later was injured and went on disability pension.The government has also allocated to her house.

In 1986, Catherine met a 38-year-old miner David Sanders.A few months later, he moved toward her.Soon Knight Sanders and became jealous when he moved from her back to his hometown.Catherine became periodically run down there and beg a man to return.

In May 1987, she was in front of Sanders' cut throat Dingo puppy two months - just to show man that awaits him if he will go with another woman.And then how to ogrela roommate with a frying pan.

As a result, Sanders returned to Knight.

Whatever it was, in June 1988, Catherine gave birth to a third daughter, Sara.The father-daughter Sanders doted, but living together with Catherine he did not succeed.

After another quarrel, during which she struck a roommate in the face and stabbed his iron in the stomach with scissors, the man ran away, and when he returned, he saw that Ketirn scissors cut up all his clothes.Saunders took a vacation and disappeared.Knight tried to find him, but to no avail.A few months later, he returned to see his daughter and found that Knight went to the police and filed a complaint against him - they say he threatened her.As a result, in the hands of Catherine appeared instrument prohibiting Sanders closer to her home.

In 1990, Knight became pregnant by a former colleague of John Chillinguorta slaughterhouse and the following year gave birth to a son.The boy named Eric.Relationship with John lasted three years, after which Catherine left him for John Price.

At that time, when Pryce began an affair with Catherine, he already had three children.Junior - two year old daughter stayed with his ex-wife (they divorced in 1988)), and two older teenage children lived with my dad.It was agreed that Price was a great men's and liked others.Despite the fact that he was well aware of the reputation of the Knight, he nevertheless allowed her to move into it in 1995.The fact is that Catherine was able to reach out to his children, that it literally doted.

In addition, a man well-earned, so that the material plane anybody not need anything.

But ... In 1998, there was a quarrel between the cohabitants of a failure of John marry Catherine.

In retaliation for refusing Knight videotaped things that Price had stolen from work and sent a videotape of his superiors.Price was fired from his job, where he worked for 17 years.On the same day, John threw Katherine out of her home and she had to return home.A rumor that she'd done, spread throughout the county.

a few months Price resumed a relationship with Katherine, but refused to allow her to return to his home.

relations were resumed, but the argument continued.One of the highlights was the attack on Catherine John in February 2000, culminating stab wounds in the chest, which caused Knight Price.February 29, John received a court document forbidding Knight closer to his home and to his children.During dinner, he told colleagues that if you do not show up for work the next day, it will mean that Knight killed him.Those begged him not to go home, but John said that if he did not come back, Katherine would kill his children.

Back home, there are children Price not found.Catherine sent them to the neighbors.herself at home, too, it was not.She returned about 11 pm.John at this time watching TV in the bedroom.Kathryn took a shower, has joined John and they had sex.

And in the morning ...

At 6 o'clock in the morning a neighbor, John noticed that the truck Pryce stands in the yard.He thought it was unusual, since by this time Price has always left for work.

neighbor called another neighbor and together they went to the Price.Their knock on the door nobody opened.Then they began to look in the window and saw through the glass that on the floor - a pool of blood.

men immediately called the police.

At 8 am the guards arrived at the home of Price.They entered the building via the back door.The house opened their eyes a horrible sight.At the entrance to the bloody hook hanging human skin.In the living room they found the headless body skinned.

found snoring in the bedroom Catherine.And in the kitchen ... the kitchen found a large pot of boiled it scalped a human head and a few vegetables and a baking dish with meat, baked potatoes, baked pumpkin, zucchini, cabbage and sauce.Under each of the dishes was a note with the name of one of the children Price.It was going to feed them Katherine Pope.She herself has managed to try something that has prepared, but a portion is not eaten by throwing the remains into the backyard.By the way, Pryce meant baked penis to his son-teenager.

experts determined that Pryce was inflicted 37 stab wounds.They also noted that the body is dismembered and separated head from the body very professionally.Skills for butchering Catherine was not to occupy.

itself Knight during interrogations and in the court claimed that he remembered nothing.She was ready to plead guilty to manslaughter, but no more.

A week after her arrest, she attempted suicide, were unsuccessful.

trial of Katherine lasted long enough.In view of the gravity of her crimes and repent her refusal Knight endured by Australian standards, an unprecedented verdict: November 8, 2001 she was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, marked on all its documents "will never be released to freedom."This is the first sentence against a woman in Australia.

Incidentally, the court found that immediately after the murder of Katherine Pryce took his bank card, went to the ATM and withdrew from the account of $ 1,000 murdered.

surveyed psychiatrists have given its conclusion that during the murder of a woman was totally sanity.

In 2006, Knight filed an appeal, but to change the sentence was denied.

Catherine herself asserted and continues to assert that she remembers only the following: they had a damn good sex, during which they both reached orgasm.Prices then rose up in bed to detergents need, and she waited for him to return to the bedroom.After that, says Catherine, she fell asleep.

According to the experts and psychiatrists, Knight had eaten part of the preparations it Pryce (presumably it was a sirloin)), I realized then how disgusting what she'd done, and then her memory blocked the memories of murder, skinning and cooking.

Correctional institution where Catherine will spend the rest of her days, she works as a cleaner.Despite the fact that finding a good cook, she is unlikely to ever get a job in the kitchen.

Photo source: murderpedia.org