Instructions for the tourist: how to make a passport through ""

To start traveling, you must have the desire, and the financial ability to travel documents.Many may say that the passage of procedure of registration of foreign passports in the country is very exhausting.Then just do not want to even travel.Fortunately, recently the residents of Russia an opportunity to save your money, time and nerves.Now they can make travel arrangements through the Internet rather than to stand in queues exhausting.The application can be submitted via the Internet resource of public services of the Russian Federation.And today we will talk about how to make a passport through ""Simple, fast, and most importantly - without queues!

Making passport through "": registration

To start you need to register on the portal.It's easy and takes less than 15 minutes.Better to find their greenbacks pension insurance card (another name - SNILS).Its number is used to enter the private office user portal.

First, the system will prompt you to examine the conditions of the site and agree with them.Then ask you to confirm identity by providing a choice of several ways, including receiving a code to activate access through the mail in Russia, one of the branches of Rostelecom, with the help of the universal electronic card or electronic signature.As practice shows, most Russian citizens choose the first or second option.In the first case the activation code will come in 9-10 days, the second - in 2-4 days.

Once you have made your choice, the system will ask you to enter the following data: name, date of birth, gender, number SNILS, electronic box, phone number, current address (which will be sent to the code).

How to make a passport through "»

When you receive an email with an activation code and enter the latter in the appropriate box, you will be available to all possible public services provided on the site.Including, of course, such as a passport.Through the "" do it very simply:

  1. Go to the site, find the section of electronic services of the Federal Migration Service, select the type of passport that you are interested in (usually 5 years or with biometric data, with a double life - 10years).

  2. you will see the application form.It is better to prepare in advance all the documents, information of which you need.This is a Russian passport, SNILS number, employment history or resume with complete data on employment, photograph in electronic form (up to 300 KB, and the aspect ratio should be 3.5 to 4.5).

  3. After completing and submitting questionnaires waiting several days for the system to process it.

  4. After about three days you will receive a reply asking expect an invitation to the passport office or supplement form if you forgot something to bring.

  5. After checking zyavleniya living person you are invited to a meeting at the appointed time and say what documents to bring with you (usually give two weeks to prepare them).

  6. your passport will be ready in about one month after the delivery of documents (standard terms when they apply for a residence by the applicant).

That's all that can be said on the subject of how to make a passport through ""As you can see, everything is quite simple.And if you do not want at the end of life, as the great Mark Twain, sorry about that little traveling, you have no choice as to make a passport through "" and go to meet adventures.