New Year away from home: What to do if a child misbehaves at a party?

comes a time to the New Year holidays, which means cheerful friendly evenings.With children, you should not deny yourself the pleasure to go on a visit to my friends.Evenings and holidays spent with your family is, of course, is good, but for a change it is sometimes necessary to go for a visit.

In addition, visiting other people's homes for children or adult family members - is excellent training skills children go out, which is an important component for their socialization.But sometimes trek to visit with the kids turns into a nightmare.Children become unmanageable, do not observe any frameworks of decency, etc.

What to do in such a situation?

The best option - to prepare the child to visit the guests, for a day or two before the event.Talk to him seriously, and can resort to a little trick.For example, to make a bet with him, which motivates him all night at a party to behave well.Read his book on etiquette, interest him that a party must adhere to certain rules.The game approach will provide a more significant result than intimidation and punishment.

Take with you from your home favorite toys of the child or some family things to him.Thus, the child will not be bored, and he will not have the need to take things to your friends for their games.You can bring your album or coloring with colored pencils (better to take the pencils instead of paint to a child not to get someone else's house).In no case do not punish the child at a party, even if he begs for it.He's doing it on purpose, to get your attention, get you out of yourself and make you go home with him.This is - a typical manipulation, to which often resort children with lack of adult attention.Better to pull the baby in a separate room and there is a quiet and calm voice speak to him.If you shout at the child, threaten him, he will understand that his manipulation of work, and will only be more often refer to them.

If your friends have children - the same age your baby, he can quarrel with them and even fight.Adults in any case can not be left without attention such incidents, it is best to work together to channel the energy of the children in the right direction.The best option - to come up with an active game, which will be able to participate both adults and children on both sides.If you show a lot of attention to the other children, your child may begin to be jealous and quarrel with them for this reason.Also, there can be a reverse situation - you will crack up the child, to elevate it, and the children of his friends for this "did not love."So be possible objective and neutral as to the children of friends (relatives) and their children.You should not try to force children to make friends, if they do not want it.Not always the children themselves become friends of friends.Try to bring their relationship to neutrality, explain that sometimes people in society should be to hide their feelings, keeping them to yourself.Remember that your child will never be able to be polite and behave well in society, if it is not to take one example.Behave yourself, and if you really want pobuyanit and pobezobraznichat better not to take the child to such a party.The main thing is try to keep the atmosphere of friendship and celebration.And do not be nervous and jerky, that you spoil the mood, not only yourself and your child, but also the owners, who will surely try to make everything was top notch.

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