Myostimulation body and face: What is it?

Myostimulation body and face - an effective tool for the correction, anti-cellulite and completeness face with exposure to electric current.

Muscle man reduced under the influence of nerve impulses that the brain sends them by running a number of processes in the body.But over time, the potential of the cells is reduced, they become unable to contract independently, without external stimulation.Under the skin, there are fat, it becomes sluggish, deteriorates the body contour and face.In such cases, it becomes necessary outside assistance, and such assistance is myostimulation.

Myostimulation - what is it?

miostmulyatsii procedure - is artificially created load on the muscles, similar to that received by the person during training, for example, in the gym.But from a simple workout myostimulation different muscles.

patients do not even need to move, not to mention the grueling loads that are typically required for weight loss and anti-cellulite.Myostimulation stomach and other problem areas will create the illusion of active physical activities for those who are contraindicated (eg, due to diseases of the joints, blood vessels, heart, and so on).Effortless procedure is much nicer.

Thanks myostimulation can strengthen any muscle group - even those for the workout routine is not available.So, on the face it is more than a hundred small muscles, decreased activity with age brings wrinkles, worsens the contour of the chin, cheeks, cheekbones.But how to train these muscles, even a special charge activity provide only some of them?

Myostimulation person solves this problem, rejuvenates muscles, prevents early wrinkles, helps fight with little tiny folds.Myostimulation also allows access to the muscles, located deep within the body.

After myostimulation not sore muscles, as it happens after the usual training.The pain that a person feels after exercise, due to the fact that the muscle fibers accumulate toxins and cellular debris, leaving them after a workout;lactic acid accumulates.Myostimulation body "training" the muscles, in contrast, promotes the conclusion of these toxins, so pain after it occurs.

In addition, myostimulation good for the heart and blood vessels, it can be used even for people with problems in this area.

procedures for beauty of face and body

to stimulate the muscles, they are attached special electrodes.Apparatus for myostimulation submits them talk;reaching the electrical impulses of the body to stimulate muscle contraction.

result myostimulation - improving muscle tone, burning fat, improve blood and lymph circulation.During the procedure, involving all muscle structure.

As you can see, the scheme myostimulation simple, but it works perfectly.Using the procedure can achieve the following effect.

to the face and neck:

- Smoothing the mesh fine facial wrinkles.
- Light natural lift and shape correction.
- Improvement of skin tissue, improving the complexion.
- A healthy-looking skin, eliminating signs of fatigue, puffiness removal.


- toning muscles, eliminating flabby areas.
- Activation of blood circulation and lymph flow.
- Elimination of fatty deposits.
- Skin Rejuvenation.
- pain relief, control of muscle tension.

Use myostimulation can be anyone who wants to improve the condition of the body and skin, make-lift "pump up" the muscles.But any medical procedure is not only evidence but also the limitations and myostimulation no exception.

Contraindications to the procedure:

- Diseases of the blood, its lowest clotting (thrombocytopenia), blood circulation disorders, thrombosis;
- Renal failure;
- Cancer;
- Tuberculosis;
- Pregnancy;
- inflammation of the skin (ulcers, etc.).

The rest myostimulation no restrictions to use and can help anyone.Beautiful body contour, healthy skin, smart appearance and the absence of signs of fatigue - an excellent result for those who dare to this procedure.

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