The links of the financial system and a brief description of

Before we look into the financial system of a country and its structure, it is necessary to understand exactly what is this term.The word "economy" can have several meanings is not quite similar.

First, the economy is considered a form of monetary relations which bind all the subjects of reproduction.Secondly, the term can refer to a set of laws, rules, rules that streamline financial relations in the country and financial activities in general.

Third, it is the internal structure of finance, the unity of their components (units).At the same time all parts of the financial system have their own specifics.

By the nature of funds that are generated in any financial system can distinguish centralized and decentralized finance.

first is a package that unites all links in the financial system, forming the proper distribution of funds (budgetary and extrabudgetary) funds belonging to the municipalities.In other words, the links that make up the centralized finance, can be considered a state loan, the municipal credit, budgetary system.

decentralized finance - the sum of the components which are involved in the formation and use of funds of persons and entities that are separate entities.It finances companies, corporations etc. Organizations that are self-financing, finance entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, households.

try briefly to describe all parts of the financial system, see their features.

Budgetary system of the Russian Federation represents funds are included in the budgets of the Federation, the subjects of state budget funds and local budgets.Its purpose - to address central issues of the state as a whole.This budget system with its taxes, excise duties and so on. Is designed to provide cultural, economic, political and social problems, redistributing properly GDP.Supervise this redistribution special bodies, such as the Chamber of Accounts, Internal Revenue Service and others.

Other units of the financial system (in this case it is a question of state and municipal loan) express the relationship between the state and its authoritative bodies and economic entities thatallow Russian to act as guarantor, the lender or the borrower.The major objectives are considered to be credit to finance the budget deficit, support for priority sectors, setting credit policy issues (regional and international).

today is becoming increasingly important these links the Russian financial system, as revenue production and non-production structures, which are self-funded.These include:

• Corporations, iewithout membership organization designed to solve certain social or managerial tasks.

• Unitary enterprises in Russia are divided into two categories.The first is based on the right of hozvedeniya, the second - in the operational management.

Finance businesses are very important for the creation of GDP.They are:

• the main component of funds from which are formed centralized funds;

• source of financial resources of households;

• the leading factor in the consumption and distribution of GDP;

• base to meet the needs of society.

Finance noncommercial origin need to structure the financial resources going to implement goszadach: educational, social, etc., Non-profit.

Home Finance almost not regulated by the state, and finances are an average IP link between the commercial and household finances.

financial system and its units are built on the principles of functionality, transparency, planning, unity and democratic centralism.