How to remove under-eye circles.

circles under the eyes are always the cause of women's disorders.They spoil the look, causing the ladies to take all possible measures to make the eyes of its former appeal.However, not all funds will help to achieve the desired result.Let's try to figure out how to remove under-eye circles and that may be the cause of this trouble.

factors causing the skin defect can count a lot.That is why before you ask, "How to remove under-eye circles," should be to determine the cause of their sudden appearance.

bruises and bags in the lower eyelids may indicate a disease of the internal organs, so usually manifest disease of the liver, kidney, heart and thyroid.In this case, you should seek medical advice.

to remove under-eye circles for a long time, you must maintain the correct healthy lifestyles.If you sleep too long, smoke or lead a sedentary lifestyle, bags under the eyes can be your constant companion.Spend more time in the air, try to reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages to a minimum and give up the habit to smoke.Fresh air enriches the skin cells of oxygen, making it look healthy and radiant.

Another cause of this disease - a violation of circulation in the blood vessels under the eyes.This pathology causes a thinning of the blood vessels and fat, resulting in the very circles appear.How to remove the circles in this case?The solution may be vitamin C contained in citrus products.Therefore, it is recommended to consume daily foods fortified with this vitamin.

Not knowing how to get rid of the circles, many women disguise their various creams, applying them at night on the skin in large amounts.However, the result from the use of cosmetic products do not always justify the hopes of women.The result can be purchased more problems.This is due to the fact that the fatty cream, while on the skin for a long time, blocks the flow of oxygen to the cells.That is why dark circles and swelling may occur to a greater extent.How to remove under-eye circles?Pretty simple - instead of nutritious fat cream, use a light milk.

cope with circles, you can use masks.

  • Mask of potatoes

Raw potatoes grate on fine grater and mix it with the same amount of milk and flour.The mixture was put on the 20-minute problem areas of the skin and rinse with lukewarm waters.

  • leaves of parsley cut as finely as possible and place it on the lower eyelids.The face cover with gauze soaked in water, soak for 15 minutes and rinse with a little water at room temperature.
  • Apply to problem areas of the ice cubes with the addition of lemon juice or grapefruit.It is also possible to use for these purposes parsley juice and milk.Remember, too long to keep the ice on the skin is not recommended.
  • If you need to hide the flaws of your kazhi in the form of dark circles for a while, use the special make-up corrector which best disguise all the flaws of the face.When choosing a masking cream is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it was on 2 tones lighter than your skin.Corrector, apply to the area under the eyelids, blend and fix the powder.

White circles under the eyes may be associated with impaired melanogenesis or pigmentation of the skin.The disease carries the appearance of bright spots on the skin of the face and torso.Among the reasons for the manifestation of this disease is called hormonal changes, excessive ultraviolet radiation, genetic predisposition, inflammation and biostarenie skin.If you have symptoms, immediately consult a dermatologist to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.